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Behind on Blogging

On a weekend I am fine. However, not being able to blog yesterday makes me feel like I am behind. I was going to try to at least return comments. I had my reply to Shriya all typed up, right? I worked on that comment for five minutes. The internet went down when I tried to send it. -.-

I have fifty FarmVille gift requests to accept, over fifteen comments to return (I didn’t return many blog comments over the weekend) and I need to harvest my squash – I hope it hasn’t withered!

If you commented me and do not receive a reply within the next week, I am terribly sorry! 🙁 Just comment me again, or e-mail me.

Unless I feel like it, I most likely will not blog again until Friday, since today is Tuesday. Then again, I guess I could blog on Thursday and Friday. Maybe I’ll do a survey! Those are fun, and I haven’t done one on 6birds at all yet. 🙂

Yesterday I “filed” for my mom. It was really merely sorting, since I didn’t know exactly how she wants everything to be put in place. Either way, I’m sure it helped.

I updated my plog. I’m going to try to more frequently. ^^


Todd’s so cute. 🙂 I took the pictures with my phone. Sometimes they turn out real well, and sometimes they don’t. 🙁 You can click the tumbnails to see them full size; it shouldn’t take you off this page. 🙂

I’m down to thirty-six game requests. >.> BLAH. -.- FarmVille needs an “accept all” and a “send to all” option. Or the Facebook apps. o.o

Anyway, I’m going to go try to reply to all the comments now…

P.S. My new fave game & blog tips

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Phone pictures never turn out that well for me. But that could be more because of my phone than anything else. Anyways, cute kitties!

You should just blog whenever you feel like it and return comments only when you feel like it. Returning comments is nice and polite, but it’s really all optional. There’s no obligation to do it at all. After all, if blogging feels anything like an obligation, then it’s not a hobby anymore.

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I always seem to feel behind with blog comments. If ever I feel bored, I feel like I should be returning comments, even if I only posted the blog a day or two ago. I don’t like to blog every day but I don’t like to return comments until I’ve posted a new blog.

I remember when I used to use Farmville. The requests would pile up and I just got to the point where I couldn’t be bothered haha. I don’t use it very often but when I get a request I tend to just ignore it.

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In case you didn’t see my comment to you, did you want to enter? Because your comment was an entry.

I find it hard to comment on everyone’s site too. I get so lazy.

I don’t play farmville anymore because it was too addicting. I stopped a long time ago so when I came back, it was so different.

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I agree with you- for the farmville thingr. :P! We need an accept all or send all button. Thats kind of why farmville and so lets me down :/..

AWWH! Your kittn is too cute. 🙂 He looks almost like my black kitten :O!!

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haha, my mum used to get me to organize things for her too, never knew if it was what she wanted, but she was happy she didn’t have to do it herself. Your Kitty is cute 🙂

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You’re using a lightbox! Wow. I am going to try one of these some day. My schedule is too hectic to try it out, but they look awesome.
I have an awful camera. When I plugged it into my computer, there were lots of viruses all over.
There are very few things I hate more than typing a comment all over again. You type it, and something happens, and you lose it before it can be posted. I am sorry.

I’ll add you facebook later. Right now, google chrome crashes every time I open facebook. My friend says its become chrome is heavy and my RAM is not even 1 GB.
Can you send me a friend request?

I used to re-read Harry Potter every holidays. It was this tradition of sorts. But then I discovered more books. I kind of miss it.

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I am sorry I forgot to reply about “Breaking Dawn.”
Yep, their daughter’s name is Renesme, after both of their mothers – Renee and Esme. She is a human-cum-vampire who creates a ruckus due to her mortality, and who ends up marrying Jacob. I hated that part.
I liked Breaking Dawn the least of all the four books.

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Nope you didn’t lol. Hope the headache is getting better. 🙂
Phone pictures never come out well for me. They look amazing on my phone after that they just look like crap.

I tried farmville on my sisters phone and i lost interest lol. Maybe it’s just me but it seems boring.
Aww don’t feel pressured to blog and update, just do it whenever you get the chance to.

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Hi Liz,

Yes, commenting, answering comments, and posting a new entry sometimes can be very time consuming. I agree with Stephanie above, “After all, if blogging feels anything like an obligation, then it’s not a hobby anymore.”


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