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Behind the picture

Concrete silhouette with me holding a small dog

I took this in 2008/2009 of Foxy Roo and I. It actually wasn’t easy choosing which picture to put on my sidebar, but I wanted to have something that showed a little bit about me.

A little history: When I moved in with my dad and Kimily (stepmother), Foxy instantly became spoiled by me as well as my dad (who had done most of the spoiling). She’s a Pomeranian, a toy breed, and even had her own “webshow” type thing I would [literally] plan out the episodes for. Upon finding the YouTube for it I stumbled across my old Livejournal. Oh, HOW EMBARRASSING. Apparently I DID blog some. MySpace days, you guys. Feel free to read it if you dare. I even mentioned my siblings in one post. I look back at the videos now, and I’m surprised they even got more than 5 views… It’s too bad I can’t have the accounts deleted. P: I also have my other account. I even made a mess during those days… Really wish I remembered the name of that font… And I even found my old Xanga account. P: Oh, the memories… I got off track. Dx …But this Stephanie’s dream college was/is “anywhere in California”… Hm. Does the shoe fit, Stephanie?

Isn’t it fun to remember sometimes? You find one thing, then another, then another – to find that it still exists, even though you totally forgot about it. I gained a lot of my friends back then by being myself; they loved my creativity. I lost all my fan signs, but I had a ton, and people made them for me “just because” – and it’s just a small thing that went so far back then, especially when I lived with my mom and lard.

But I’m going to assume you all didn’t know this about me because even my readers from last year/the year-ish before most likely didn’t know all of this about me. I’m a shadow because most people see my blogs when they visit. The sidebar image is merely a shadow that portrays the outline of who I was once and who I’d like to be again.

I like silhouettes; they’re one of my favorite photography techniques. I’ll take another one again sometime when Mother Nature positions the sun in my favor. I also had the edited version of my favorite picture of myself in high contrast (edited as well). I could have also started some commotion between the people that are completely against motorcycles and those that aren’t, but I didn’t even know Kim had taken said photo of me on the motorcycle with my dad’s Harley Davidson.1

See, I find silhouettes to be these mysterious things. You can’t see what person looks like, and things aren’t always what they seem – sometimes they turn out to be these totally different/unexpected objects. They’re mysterious; they add mystery. Too many bloggers add a face to their blogs, and when other bloggers don’t add their faces, they wonder why. I’ve added my face multiple times, just not constantly. Stephanie kind of blogs anonymously if you call blogging without an image of herself floating around somewhere on her blog (she’s pretty, no worries).

I took the pictures off of my main page and displayed merely one on my sidebar. I think it adds a bit of my personality; I really love it – it reminds me of a happier, almost-simpler time. I wouldn’t go back to that time if I had the choice, but during that moment it was okay.

…And I just used to take really good pictures of myself and be fairly confident enough to post them online back then. I felt like I was pretty, and I think that’s more important than a recent photograph of me not feeling like I’m pretty.

…And it’s “Seek Liza”. You don’t need an actual face, but here’s me with my colorful birthday flowers I lack a picture of on this lappy (and I’m also just too lazy to see if I have one…).

Now if anyone questions I’ll have a post to direct them to. However, for the moment I spent writing this, it was simply a blog topic I had in mind that I thought might interest some peoples. ^^

  1. I have a cool dad, okay? That’s just a fact.

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It’s like the time I found my old Photobucket account from when I had just discovered Photoshop. It was an embarrassment to look through, haha, though it was kind of fun – laughing at how bad I was before, and seeing how I grew.

There was also that time when I found my old Multiply and Blogger accounts, haha.

I’m yet to post any pictures of myself on my blog – probably because of the part of me that is paranoid that some crazy Internet stalker will find me using a picture of me. That’s a fairly exaggerated version of my paranoia, but you get the point.

Shadow pictures are cool, haha. Even though they seem simple, they really do allow you to be creative. 🙂

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Xanga!!! Oh, those were the days! I started blogging there. I had a great time there and met some brilliant people.
Why can’t you have the accounts deleted? I’ve deleted several MySpace and You Tube accounts. And other accounts. Even live journal I think. I’ve been all over the place before I got stuck with WordPress :).

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I think it’s nice that you put a silhouette of yourself. It does show your personality, and I was wondering for a while what the shadow was. Now I can see you, a dog, and a camera. I actually dislike it when people have their face in the sidebar. It’s rather distracting. I’m not a fan of headshots, unfortunately, no matter how pretty the person is. I don’t mind it in the about section as much, but I’d much rather have a full photo.

I blog as anonymously as Stephanie does then. 😛 She posted a photo of herself just once in the year I’ve been reading her blog, which is the same amount of times I did. There are people who always post photos of themselves; why not just start a photo blog?

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@Liv, I thought she posted a photo of herself once! She sent me a few via email in her Avon top she purchased from me via the net in my online store (which is currently on hold). 😛

I don’t mind seeing the person either, but I’m more likely to feel intimidated most times if I see pictures of the blogger on the sidebar. Also, sidebar images altogether are usually distracting for me. P:

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I never had a Xanga account, so that account most certainly isn’t mine. I actually didn’t want to go to college in California, but my dad told me to apply to two prestigious schools there just to see what happened. And I got into one of them! And the school in California was the best college I had gotten in to, far better than anything I got into near home. So, with my parents pride, and sorrow that I’d be so far away, I moved to California, and never regretted that choice. (My parents are still strong and in good health. But once they get older, I will probably move to the same coast that they live on.)

Lol the one picture I posted publicly of myself was the one of me in a funky costume that didn’t look very pretty. I’m pretty sure that almost none of you (save the people I’ve emailed pictures to) would recognize me in real life. I’m glad that you think I’m pretty, though! 😀

You were very pretty in your old pictures, and I’m sure that you’ll be that pretty again! For now, I like the shadow picture in the sidebar. I often too easily and unfairly judge a blogger when I see their pictures all over their blog. (Shame on me!) I like it better when I know what they look like after reading their posts a bit more.

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