Below is a list of blogs and vlogs I try keep up with. 😘 Most of the time, I fail. A lot of these are quite niche; I like to a) think and learn, b) relate and c) laugh.

Accidentally Green
A Pair & A Spare
Alexandra Franzen
Autistic Hoya
Be More with Less
Bitches Gotta Eat
Bliss and Blessings
Butch Wonders
Card Carrying Lesbian
Edel Grace
Establishment, The
Everyday Feminism
Exquisitely Me
Foraged Life, The
Hello Glow
Hey Georgie
Jade & Oak
Last Page, The
Live Simply
Livperspective, Me
Melissa Cassera
Middle Finger Project, The
Mindful Momma
Moral Fibres
Needles & Leaves
Nose Graze
Silent White
Slightly Savvy
Sustainably Chic
Whimsical Joy
Write Life, The
Your Zen Life

Janepedia is listed at Actually Autistic Blogs List,, ListenUp! and The Book Blogger List. I also partake in Bloggers’ Comment Junction.


Shout-out to my exes, and a big round of applause to…

Georgie Luhur, for making my website look and feel all hot and bothered.

Kya, for illustrating the kawaii avatar I use as a favicon.

The cool chicks at OfBlue, who host my soap box and, you know, put up with me.

You, because if I only blogged for myself, I would be the Bridget Jones of the blogosphere, and that would be sad.

Charlise Lee (cousin), for leaving your kids with me even though I’m a bad influence. I just want to do all I can to ensure I’m the one they run to when they’re teenage nightmares and hate their parents. 🤣

My mother and her second husband, for my colorful (literally, figuratively, verbally, etc.) childhood.

My dad, for being the parent I look like the most, even though this nose of mine is a great insecurity and inspired my middle school BFF to recommend plastic surgery.

Bebe (aunt), because I shaped my dream mother after you. You provide the love my mom is incapable of giving, even though it frustrates me sometimes because you insist on reminding me that you love me. 🧀

Mel & V, for tolerating me all these years even in my most medically (and also alcoholic) drunken states, despite my crappiness at keeping in touch. 💬

My siblings, for inspiring me to be as embarrassing as possible. 💖

💛 Lots of love to many others, too, who have stuck around me all these years.