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boy crazy

I am in the mood to write. Not newspaper-wise, but novel-wise. Weird, right? This is why I hate writer’s block. I have a great plot, unique character names, and the mood for writing but whenever I actually put my thoughts onto my paper, I can’t do it. I begin to doodle hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies, love lyrics–I HATE having crushes. They do this to me. And when I do write everything down and then read it, guess who just wrote a sappy love story?

It is not that I love him, that takes time and patience; it is that I like him and cannot get him out of my head. So I get annoyed of him. Why does he have to be sweet, funny, nice, somewhat-charming and galore? Why can’t he be stuck up, rude, mean and a jerk instead? More importantly, why do I have to be attracted to him!?

Anyway, next Friday is Halloween. Also known as my dad’s birthday. There is a haunted house I really want to go to but I need someone who can drive and will go with me. But it has to be a boy unless the girl and I are really close because I get scared super quick and sorry girls, but I am straight. I am 100% BOY CRAZY.

Speaking of Friday, he asked me what I was doing this weekend. At the time all I could think of was SLEEP because I was exhausted. So, what did i tell him? “Sleep.” hjksfj Stupid me. Just kidding; I am actually clever with a little blonde brain. Any who, I should have said I was going to look for a haunted house buddy since I have been for the past…I don’t know…month!?

Blah. Oh and I have to check my e-mail. So that I can write my article. On Mrs. Nease. I don’t like Newspaper as much as I thought I would. It is simply…frustrating, per se?

And look at where it has gotten me! I spell out the majority of the conjunctions I use and barely use commas anymore! SO AGGRAVATING! Mhm.

So, hm, where was I? Oh yeah…writing about a boy. Grr. I am going to bed now…good night.

Please don’t let me dream of him, please don’t let me dream of him…(:

Just kidding. I most likely will not. Or…idk? ROFL. xD