“Come to the Rocks” by Christin Haws

Cover of titular book; water crashing against rocks; a flower in a glass sphere is centered on the pageBook: “Come to the Rocks” by Christin Haws
Published by NineStar Press on 16th April, 2018
Genres: LGBTQIA, Novella, Romance
Format: e-ARC, 66 pages
Rating: 4/5⭐
Source: NetGalley

Linnea’s only safe place is a spot on the rocky shoreline where the water can be rather vicious. It’s here where she meets, and falls in love with, a mermaid named Mren. As their romance blossoms, the escalating harassment from Linnea’s ex-boyfriend Mikey threatens the secret relationship. Mren has vowed to protect Linnea, but she’s confined to the water and Mikey is a land monster. Meanwhile, Linnea will do anything to keep Mren safe from him.

When I saw Come to the Rocks and read that it was a mermaid story about a lesbian romance, I was hooked! I feel like this corner of fiction is a mostly uncharted one that many authors are missing out on, because COME ON! MERMAIDS! There is so much lesmance potential here. Tap into it, people!

I really liked this book.

I have to admit I was nervous?? though I can’t quite put my finger on a why. It might be because I wanted it to be good so bad and was nervous it’d fall through…I’ve read some LGBTQIA+ books that have been utter disappointments because instead of being a story on par with books featuring hetero characters and themes, the many I’ve read have focused more on sex.

But this one didn’t! Linnea’s ex-boyfriend is abusive (trigger warning), and she forms a connection with mermaid Mren, who tells her a story about a sailor who threw his curse into the sea so he could be free.

The ending is a bit…questioning, by which I’m not sure whether I should feel happy or not?? Like, should I feel happy about it? Is it one that could ever have had a happier ending (if that is, indeed, a happy ending)? I don’t know?? I think you’d have to read it to determine whether it IS a happy ending or bittersweet.

I can’t say much more, because it was fairly short (66 pages) and anything else would be a SPOILER.

What I disliked about it

The writing was good, but a few sentences didn’t make sense.

I also wasn’t a fan of the scenery among the rocks being explained in such intricate detail…I feel like it was pointless to focus solely on the water, but then I don’t enjoy lollygagging in descriptive text for long unless it pertains to food.

This is the first book I’ve read through NetGalley, however, and thus far I’m loving my options. 😍😍😍😍 eeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy.

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Interesting, I have been wanting to do some LGBTQIA+ reading as well but, like you said, I don’t want it to focus on sex. Bleh. I might give this book a try. Thanks for sharing.

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