I am reachable via comments, email and Twitter.

Asking a question? Make sure it’s not on my FAQ page. General reader questions regarding tips/advice/etc. will be answered via #AskJane.

I am open to interviews, writing guest posts, blogger collaborations, book review requests, and sponsored campaigns. I do not accept guest posts for Janepedia.

I’m only interested in events in the DFW metroplex, provided it’s relatively close to me. I’m not interested in traveling long distances at the moment.

Contact form 📨

Please keep the subject line simple. I am hard-of-hearing and am not available for phone calls. I respond to emails M-F*, save holidays and vacations. Please allow 10 business days for a response before following up, as I receive a lot of emails.

If, for some reason, the form does not work, my email is

* A more thorough explanation of my emailing schedule: Time is CST. Replies sent between 9am and 5pm; I check emails between noon and 5pm.

  1. This email address is a catchall/throwaway and will change occasionally to cut down spam. I will reply from my real email address.