Name’s Jane. 👋 I respond more quickly to comments and tweets.

👍 I do work with businesses, brands and companies. I’m also open to interviews and am, for the most part, an open book.

Things that get an automatic no, indefinitely:

I don’t respond on the weekend. 🤷

Instagram posts are so not happening right now because my phone died. 🙄

📨 My catch-all email is, to decrease spam. If I reply, it will be from a steady email.

🚫 Do not contact me about restrictive diets/weight loss program sponsorships. I’m in eating disorder recovery and am never interested in that ish again. I’m also allergic to nuts, so none of those. I occasionally enjoy pea protein powder, as it’s an easy way to add nutrients to smoothies (where I hide the things with nutrients I need, but can’t stand a sensory input of).