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Here’s the thing: I’m not a super social person. Janepedia is my personal blog, so I conduct myself however I like.

Thusly, don’t expect quick replies, ’cause I take my precious time.

The best way to get in touch about something I’ve posted is in the comments section. I’m more likely to respond there faster.

For casual chatting, Twitter @gotjane is best. 😎

Anything else — provided you get my name right — should be sent to

I’m available for interviews — email me at (you’ll get me, promise!).

Keep event invites to places located in Texas, preferably the DFW range — although I might be able to do things in Tyler County, also. I’m open to traveling considering the budget and time of year.

🚫 Don’t email me things pertaining to weight loss programs/restrictive diets, press releases, book review requests, guest posts, link building, or brain-picking. Also: I don’t want your drama.