A Day in the Life: February 2016

I didn’t do this thing last month, and I considered backdating, but that felt too much like cheating. For the most part, I busied myself with doing various other things that were not specifically this blog. I had a dry skin spat with the backs of my hands, which turned into what I can only assume was an allergic reaction, and am finally [slowly] healing. A few times throughout January, I wondered if it was possible to overdose on hydrocortisone cream, but then realised I didn’t want to run out too quickly—and opted out of just using the cream as if it’s lotion.

For the most part, the burning sensation is gone, and I can type as I wish. The backs of my hands just feel like sandpaper, and there’s only so much lotion I can apply, especially since I can’t let it touch my face.

Outfit of the day

I wore my turquoise “Hakuna Matata” crop top with a tie front, a black camisole underneath the top, and my black shorts. The black shorts actually have this colorful tribal-looking patterned band that is a pink-to-lime green gradient, you just can’t often see it with what I’m wearing, because I dislike tucked-in tops and tend to wear shirts/tops that are longer than the waistband of my pants/shorts. 🙂

My hair was wrapped in a bun and held together by a small clip. I’ve found it’s slightly easier than a hair tie and keeps it from forming a thousand boing-y curls. It’s quite easy to keep it up and out of the way, too…unless the clip breaks.

The weather

It was chilly outside today, which is kinda a big thing coming from me, because cold weather doesn’t usually bother me.

Just before writing this, I was…

Watching Limitless.

I ate ____ today.

A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s not my go-to cereal, but it was in the pantry, and I wanted at least one bowl of it, since I tend to want some at random, but don’t feel like eating a whole box.

TIL (today I learned)

I can compare almost anything to TV or movies.

Other stuff I did today

  • Updated my about and contact pages on 6birds; I also worked on some of the categories and tags.
  • Listened to “Invincible” by Ruelle and made adjustments to the choreography I made for it. :3
  • Drank more soda than I should have.

What I could have done better

  • Written more of an eBook I’m working on.
  • Bitten my fingernails less (still working on this).
  • Applied more lotion to my hands.
  • Laundry. I did zilch.

Tomorrow I need to…

  • …do laundry.
  • …change my [bed] sheets.
  • …vacuum my room.

How was your day?

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Kim’s gravatar

Today I spent a productive morning at work, had a training session on manual handling and booked couriers in for tomorrow’s shipment. I made my bed and later will put my washing up away! – Exciting life. 😉 My partner and I are planning to do some together this evening as he has the night off, maybe cinema to see Deadpool.

I updated my about page recently too.

You should post a photo of the outfit. 🙂

Tomorrow I’m doing the same household stuff as you lol… …do laundry.
…change my [bed] sheets.
…vacuum my room – well, all the carpeted rooms in the flat

Kya’s gravatar

That would be really icky to deal with. Hopefully your hands heal soon!

Michelle’s gravatar

Today was a good day. Managed to be a nerd in class about viruses and such. I’m so heavy into learning that I swear I’m a know-it-all. Yeah, I love Biology, too much 😀 I can’t help it~!