Easter It Was

Of all the Easter Sundays I’ve been a part of (twenty-three, by the way), I’ve never ‘celebrated’ it by going to an Italian restaurant.

I’m used to being a part of Easter celebrations consisting of miniature versions of Thanksgiving dinner, egg hunting and colorful decorations on the table.

Instead, we ate at an Italian restaurant with some family.

I got to see Ruby and Ezra because my dad and Kim were there; Ezra sat with me a lot. 😀


I was allergic to the entire menu, so I decided it I had to pick a route: CHEESE or TOMATO.

I ordered the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and it was PERFECT. I ate like twenty fork fulls1 before the affect of the garlic bread and olive oil dipping paired with some lovely bread and the cheese kicked in. And then I was okay-ish, but then it was really kicking in super quickly, and meh. -.-

Allergies suck, but I did have leftovers, so I can safely pair my leftovers with an allergy tablet if needed.

How was yours? /ididnttakepicturesofthefood

  1. Well, the noodles kept falling off, and I cut pieces, and ugh. Frustrating.

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Becca’s gravatar

It sounds like you had an interesting Easter, sometimes it’s nice to have a change I guess, it’s a shame about your allergies though 🙁

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Georgie’s gravatar

Easter it was indeed! Your post made me smile a lot for some reason. 🙂 It also reminds me of the time I ordered chicken fettuccine without the chicken, cos, you know, I don’t eat chicken. :’D The waiter repeated the order and he was all cool; in fact, he seemed really proud that he had someone order in such a manner. XD

I suppose my Easter was not-so-bad!

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Joy’s gravatar

I love Italian food and it sounds like it was a great time for you! So sorry about your allergies but you seemed to enjoy your food any way lol.

My husband’s family was over and I cooked a big meal. I could have done without his family though. They are draining.

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Jenn~’s gravatar

Yum! I love Fettuccini Alfredo (without chicken). I used to order everywhere we went that had it on the menu so now I try to other things. Out Easter was quiet; we bbq’d and the kids had fun looking for eggs.

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Christine’s gravatar

Ah! I’m so sorry that you couldn’t enjoy anything (at least fully anyway…) Italian food is so delicious, but it has so many ingredients that people are allergic to. 🙁 You might have to re-create an allergy friendly version of alfredo. 🙂

We tried to veganize it with cauliflower and it didn’t come out too swell.

For my Easter, I had vegetarian lasagna and everyone else had prime rib (I’m not a fan…I had a tiny bite though), and potatoes and veggies. We also had Italian Ham Pie!

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Jessica’s gravatar

It sounds like you had a fun, interesting Easter…and I adore Fettuccini Alfredo (with or without chicken and broccoli). 😀 Most people I know can’t stand broccoli, but it’s one of my favorite vegetables. Anyhow, I’m glad that you had a good Easter and mine was completely boring, uneventful.

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