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I purchased (1) because I could see how I liked it for a year without paying more than five dollars and (2) I liked it.

Now I don’t, and I set up my account on my reseller as – not I actually miss, and I planned on (and still do) renewing it in February. Is there an easy way to fix this or no? 🙁 If so, please, please help me? 🙁

I made a photoblog yesterday. I’ll try to update it at least once a day. 😉

I don’t feel like doing anything today. Have you ever felt that way?

I feel all BLAH and crap. -.- Careless. Ugh.

My mom’s laundry is almost done. I’ll fold some clothes later. Maybe I’ll feel like doing things in a little bit? We’ll see. >.<

If you enjoy forums, you should join Rawr MB. 🙂

I finally reached 1,000 posts on my Tumblr. I’m pretty excited! I have been trying to reach it for quite some time now. xD I probably won’t be posting on it again for a few days, though. You know … having my goal reached and all calls for a break! I may send photos from my phone to my Tumblr, though. Or text… It’s connected to my Facebook and Twitter. I update my Facebook “status” from it. LOL.

I’m going to be adding a few things to the visitor (or articles) section between now and Friday. I can honestly say that I have never seen any of the things I will be adding on someone’s blog before. 😛


  1. Shriya on

    Plog. Lmao. Thats so cute.
    Todd. OUAAAIII. Sob I want a cat too.

    I usually feel like you’re feeling on lazy summer afternoons, when I don’t want to move a muscle. Or after my work out sessions. Just blah.

    I am sorry I can’t help you out with your reseller problems. I have no idea how to fix it. My host, Marina, at is a genius at these things. You might want to consult her. She is a nice person and would definitely help you.

    I don’t have enough time to be on tumblr. Not without a phone with an internet connection. :/

    Whats a GAP pet fair?

  2. Sara on

    Your kitten looks like my cat, Aggie:~) He or she is so cute. I love kittens. Unfortunately, Aggie has banned them from my home because they scare her. Also, she’s best friends with my 15-year-old, blind dog. She even sleeps with her sometimes.

    I love your Plog:~) What a clever name. Share more pictures. I love pictures:~)

  3. Caity on

    6birds is cute. Where did you get that name?

    I would just talk to your host and tell them and I’m sure they can tell you what to do. Most of the time is’ just moving the domain name servers over to the new domain name.

    I added you on Tumblr.

  4. Nancy on

    If I knew anything about domains purchasing, I would totally help. Hope you`ll find a way through this!! AND THERE IS A WAY THROUGH THIS! Believe in yourself, with the power of money and the internet. Robot spammers are LAAAME. ^_^

    :O! Photoblogs awesome. I want to start one for like years and months. But I dont take pictures daily :/. As I blog daily. I feel like crap a lot lately. Stupid school., I have… 1/4 of 1000 posts on twitter :D! But I don`t mind. All I do is post links to my blog post :P!

  5. Dorine on

    Hello, has been added into the hosting page 😉

    I love this domain, yes, does sound nice. But I would prefer another domain for your website 😛 Maybe you can check Georgina’s lovely list or mine if you like – but of course, a new domain is entirely your choice. 🙂

    Yum! I love photoblogs, but I never get the time to make one or update one, so I don’t have one. I’ll make one in the future – maybe when I’m thirteen or fourteen when things get easier without major exams.

    I felt that way before – but I still forced myself to do something like returning comments and commenting. It’s rare that I don’t slouch down on my seat – I usually do that when I force myself to do things.

    Haha, 1,000 posts! That’s a lot, Sarah (located at your footer, Sarah Lawson XD). I can’t even take the time to have a Tumblr and you have 1,000 posts! 🙁 sighs

    Rawr MB? I certainly love forums and I do have one myself, too, but I’m going to make a new one in another domain soon. If you are free as well, and someone just made you happy/smile, why not check out Just Smile by Aashni (@enchantmenot on Twitter or Amore Amici?

    P.S. This is not an advertisement XD

  6. Marina on

    I love and centsgone is such a nice name too! I love it when I think of domain names but I have to stop myself from buying a new domain. I was just at namecheap and ALMOST bought a new domain for my 365 typography project but I decided to stick to dA for now =X

    Thanks Shriya for the compliment

    I would love to help you in any way I can if you need my help. Just drop me an email ((:

  7. Dorine on

    Sure, I’ll change it to

    Ah, I see. Sorry, my bad, my mind wasn’t thinking straight at that time because I was in a hurry – had to go someone at the last minute, yeah? I really shouldn’t post comments when I’m going off 🙁

    Whoops, my bad. Hello Liz! (It says so on your application, but I just followed your footer. It’s kind of… weird that you have two names? sorry if that was rude… just kind of curious)

    Well, I’m sure I emphasized it clearly on my post. It does a shake of WordPress and Opera (my other dear commenters stated that Safari and Chrome also does the shake effect) when I type in a wrong password.

  8. Shola on

    6bird reminds me of the Marley song : 3 little birds. It’s nice. Congrats on opening a photoblog. I tried the 365 thing but I prefer project 52 (once a week). : )

  9. Nancy on

    I NEEDA SURGERY ON MY JAW!! (I have an underbite so my bottom teeths are like overlapping my top teeth because of the jaw). I dont care. I dont need to feel beautiful just cause of some teeth. But I try to keep it white 🙂 Ooooh :O! Otherwise, I don`t know :(!

  10. Isi on

    Are they both hosted by the same people? If so they can transfer the reseller over to 6birds. My host did that for me once.

    Sorry for the extremely late reply i am soo lazy these days.

    I’m actually going to the mall tomorrow to turn in job applications, hopefully they will call me back but i doubt it though. It’s been forever since i’ve been on tumblr lol.

  11. Ilila on is a lot nicer than, at least in my view. I’m glad you returned to this domain name. 🙂

    I wish I had the time for Tumblrs and MBs. I barely manage to update my blogs.. sigh

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