Embracing life (some positive experiences)

I think that I have experienced many positive experiences in my lifetime thus far that not many other people my age have. At least … not the exact same things. I chose five to share with you all. 🙂

1. Psychology

Though I mostly watched movies and copied down notes in this class than read and study hardcore for tests, Psychology opened my eyes up to life around me. It amazed me. I don’t know how to explain it further. 🙁

2. Creative Writing

Mrs. Nease, my Creative Writing teacher junior year, taught me many things. She is also the teacher that helped me hold onto an escape from reality that I had always used in the past: writing. During the Winter Trimester (the only time Creative Writing was available), I learned about sentence structure, various poetry styles, dramatic monologues in theater and more. I discovered that, with writing, you can write out your own future. I also realized the more and more I wrote, the more and more I became familiar with Psychology. Psychology is an amazing thing, and I think that in order to be successful in writing you must know Psychology.

After all, in writing you need to know the different ways someone might react to a certain event or feeling. That’s Psychology.

3. Girlstart. (?)

In middle school I participated in an after school program that helped girls gain confidence and learn more. The respresentatives taught us basic HTML (I was in seventh grade!), helped us with our mathematics (We learned advanced algebra, which helped because in my Intro to Algebra class in eighth grade, I already knew what was going on!) and fun things such as learning the dance routine to various songs on a Now That’s What I Call Music! CD. We also went on field trips (one was to UT in Austin, as the middle school was Austin) and learned how fingerprints can be traced.

This was an amazing experience, and I wish that all schools had this program – or at least a similar one (GAP) – for girls to gain life skills that can and will stick with them for a lifetime.

4. Camp Allaso

I went to Allaso Ranch for Winter Retreat in January 2009 on a weekend (Saturday to Sunday). Alice received a scholarship which helped her to go as well. I am thankful, because we became closer friends there, and Alice was baptized the following Wednesday. <3

Alice and I also met new friends!

5. Blogging

From venting to learning patience, from learning about other lifestyles to meeting new people (even if it’s just via comments, e-mail and forums) – blogging has helped me grow, no matter how odd that sounds. 🙂


  1. Nancy on

    I feel like a cheater in computers class. 😛 Because I feel. . . I don`t know. I finish my work in 5 minutes :P!!

    Psychology is the best thing ever. It open minds of people. In most cases :)! .. And share the opinions of life. :O! And question it. Wait.. Thats philosophy! :P! You are lucky to have a HTML teacher. :P! I had to learn all of this goodies on my own. :O!!! And blogging… Helps my social skills :P! I used to me socially awkward. :O!

  2. Isi on

    I don’t find it lame, I think they’re in there some where. They just don’t want to be found because humans can sometimes be cruel. They would probably experiment on them.
    Wow facebook is soo stupid sometimes.
    I love the new layout. 😀

    I’m actually taking Psychology and Creative Writing next year. I need Psychology because I want to be a shrink but i also want to design so i’m taking lots of art classes. 😀

  3. Nicole on

    I LOVED PSYCHOLOGY CLASS! It is such an eye-opener. I loved watching the movies as well. Which movies did you watch? We watched
    – Because I’m a Cheerleader – which was about a girl figuring out her sexuality and not wanting to expose it
    – Rain Man – Tom Cruise is taking care of his mentally-disabled brother, Dustin Hoffman (who is smart as heck)
    – Kinsey – it’s about sexuality in the 60s

    & that is all I can remember LOL It was 4 yrs ago mind you HAHA (;

    I love the objective for Girlstart! That’s amazing AND inspiring!

  4. Deanna on

    I love psychology. It’s so fascinating. I majored in Psychology in my undergraduate degree. My favorite class was probably the Child Development one I took.

    I agree about the blogging comment too. I have learned so much about life in other parts of the world because of blogging. The internet has really helped humanity in that way I think.

  5. Isi on

    School frustrates the crap out of me sometimes. People just don’t understand at all. It’s like you always have to please everyone.
    Hahah thanks, it would suck to miss out on all those things.
    As for the contest, I think I’ll do it on Secretkiss.

  6. Holly on

    I’m really excited about the concert now!

    My boyfriend is studying psychology and he finds it really interesting. He always tells me what he’s learned in class.

  7. Georgina on

    I’ve had many good experiences in my life, most of them are recent though, and relate to things like learning in university and making friends. I was going to do psychology in university but the subject got removed from our electives block. 🙁

    I love writing and I think blogging has helped me maintain that love, as well as introducing me to new people. That’s what I really love about having an active space online. You can make friends because not only is there an opportunity to read other people’s blogs, but people read yours.

    It sounds like you had a good time gaining social skills and whatnot! I sort of want to go to a camp; I haven’t had one since high school. 😛

    OH! I feel the same as you! I hate, hate, hate when jeans and pants cover my stomach. I like them to be low-cut too, and just sitting on my hips. It feels more comfortable and looks nicer, too. There should be more of those styles, I swear!

    Fin is always Fin! 😉

    Oh well, don’t worry. ^^ Once I made the same mistake and replied to a comment to the wrong person. It’s alright haha.

    I can’t imagine painting a ceiling; that would be so much hard work. D:

    I try to comment on blogs, sometimes I find something to say if I’m really motivated; sometimes I honestly don’t have much to say. And I certainly don’t want to ramble on and say unnecessary things. xD

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