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Finally filling up Dehlu

I can’t really say I’m sorry to my domains/blogging friends for neglecting them lately and mean it. I mean, I could mean it to some degree, but because I have not been spending my time getting caught up in reading others’ blogs I have had time to actually work on I mean, to keep my attention on it, I even added in Zac Efron all grown up for some eye candy:

Granted, I’ve no idea what image will replace him once I finally launch Dehlu to the public, but for now that really doesn’t matter that it’s on the front page, sitting there without the owner being credited. It was a part of the Zac Efron deck donation for Dashes; one of the members found it. The original size fits my desktop… Yes, he is my wallpaper…

I’ve also been working on Dashes and Spree. For Spree, I can’t find a different layout that I like. I mean, the one it has now is fine; I customized on of Georgina’s a while back and used/saved it, but I think it worked better as a WordPress theme. Doesn’t quite fit the TCG world well, methinks.

Unless we have recently chatted, you don’t know that Dehlu is no longer going to be a full on hosting website. In fact, that is the farthest thing from its main purpose. I didn’t renew (the beehive) because I registered, and .me TLD’s are expensive. Plus, I already had, and it’s taken me pretty much one full year to figure out what I am going to do with it exactly. I mean, this is the most I’ve done to Dehlu since I registered it. I think it will give people a better idea of who I am and what all I can do exactly, though, as well.

Unless I come across a similar theme that I am using for it now, I highly doubt I will ever change it because of the way I am using it. It’s just really convenient for what I wanted to do, and if I hadn’t spent two hours trying to find a nice theme I liked in the WordPress theme gallery, I wouldn’t be setting it up like I am now. xD

SO. If you’re by any chance interested in helping me figure out WHAT in the world I am supposed to write about each domain name, that would be just LOVELY considering I’ve given each its own PAGE.

…I also need help writing about myself for the dang ‘About’ page. I’ve a subpage for my hobbies, which will include things like TCGs, etc.

My enchilada recipe is also on Dehlu. It’s the very first recipe. 😉

Made ’em last night for dinner. YUMMY.

Is it sad that I could make them again and eat them and freak out over them as if I hadn’t made them in months yet again?

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I personally can’t wait to see how Dehlu is doing. Currently, Dehlu’s progress bar says that it’s 26% done, but I guess that that’s one of those things that needs to be updated manually, and something that people just don’t bother updating a lot of the time.

If you don’t have time to read other people’s blogs, then you don’t have time! I’ve been try to read fewer blogs lately… kind of awkward, considering that I think that I get a significant amount of traffic too.

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I pretty much guestimated for the percentage. :L I haven’t done much to it because I’ve been having flashbacks and nightmares again, so… That’s why it’s staying there for now.

I used to receive a lot more traffic. I’ve been reading my previous blogs on 6birds lately to find that most times I was up in the teens with comments. But I was more active then. I’m not so much now, and I personally don’t really mind it. The fact that I haven’t been able to concentrate enough here recently even to do daily activities is another thing that makes replying to blogs difficult. I’ve been posting previews on Twitter. 😉

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