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Food is something we all have in common.

I’m sitting here typing this up and pausing every couple of seconds to take a bite of my warm bran muffin. I’ve not come across many people who like bran muffins. Do you like them? This batch of bran muffins have slices of apple in them. Grandmama made them, and she was taking them out when I was in the kitchen. They sounded more appetizing than the Ritz crackers (my favorite crackers), and I had (have) to eat something after I take Hydrocodone, Motrin, etc. or else I get even sicker than I would if I didn’t. So I’m eating. I’m in pain – so, so much pain. 🙁

Anyway, back to food. I’ll be making my chicken enchiladas later today. I’m glad Grandmama and Papa like them, because I like them to. Actually, I love them. Yes, I LOVE them. When I lived at Mimi’s house I’d buy turkey meat (I don’t like beef, and I don’t know how to cook chicken), and I literally lived off of those things. I learned from my mom how to make them1 by helping her out once. She used beef, though, and I liked turkey. It’s harder for my body to digest beef than it is for it to digest turkey and chicken. Pork is in between beef and turkey/chicken. I don’t know why; my body just can’t handle it. I grew up eating a lot of Hamburger Helper… Would that have something to do with it?

Basically I took her recipe and added my own flare to it. I think I like it with chicken more than I do with turkey, but it can really be made with pretty much any kind of meat as long as you like it. …which enchiladas… I’ve also been using enchilada seasoning in the filling rather than taco seasoning – and it is so much better than taco seasoning!

Moving on, have you ever had weird combinations with your food? Like… I used to drink (and still will) orange juice with Italian food, but not at a restaurant, because the Italian food is not too acidic, and it balances out the orange juice’s acidity. …So I can enjoy orange juice!

I also add ranch dressing black bean burritos with rice and cheese (my dad makes it). If you think that’s odd, Mary and Chris2 like barbecue sauce in their Ramen noodles… With water still in the bowl… I mean, come on – watered down barbecue sauce??!!

Oh, I should also probably mention that I love barbecue sauce as well.

It’s funny, though, because the doctor last year told me not to eat these acidic foods (just a small list), and aside from eggs 3 I keep these (most) in anyway:

  • eggs
  • cheese
  • ranch dressing
  • any kind of salad dressing, really
  • bleu cheese dressing is a double no, then, right…? Meh, still an exception with my cobb salad… with boiled egg… Ooh, that’s probably a TRIPLE no.
  • most sauces (cheese sauce (duh, cheese), tomato sauce (I love manicotti and lasagna, but I can’t handle it at all), ketchup, barbecue sauce, enchilada sauce… basically most sauces)
  • onions & peppers (no matter the kind)
  • blueberries (allergic anyway; you get used to restraining yourself from something that causes you to puke)
  • ice cream (dairy; again: you get used to restraining yourself from something that causes you to puke)
  • peanut butter (allergic; you get used to restraining yourself from something that causes your asthma to act up and for you to have difficulty breathing, your face breaking out like CRAZY, your body itching, etc.; yes, this allergy freaking sucks)
  • want more acidic foods?

If you guys knew me offline and eating-wise like my dad and Kimily know me, you’d know it’s impossible to cut salad dressing (ranch, Caesar, bleu cheese), barbecue sauce, enchilada sauce, ketchup and cheese from my diet.

But also know that I’m typically really good at behaving as far as this list goes… sort of… Cheese I can’t lose. Oh, and I have to have soy milk with my cereal. Silk brand soy milk is the best kind that I know of if you’re lactose intolerant as well. The original flavor is what you’ll want – its carton is red, and I think that the vanilla flavored carton is in blue. Typically more expensive than cow’s milk, but if it makes you sick, the money’s worth it, methinks.

  1. Even though we’re not on great terms and haven’t been for a while, we have still had some good times. I don’t hate her.
  2. Siblings on my mom’s side.
  3. Every once in a while I have to cave; the nosebleed and coughing up blood is worth it… maybe… I can’t resist. 🙁

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Ohh that food sounds so delicious! I don’t guess I’ve ever tasted a Bran muffin before but it sounds really yummy with the apple in it!

I haven’t been advised by a doctor but I have discovered on my own that tomatoes (or anything tomato based) and milk absolutely KILL my stomach, which sucks because I love tomatoes and cereal.

I like to eat crackers by placing them in my mouth, taking a drink of sweet tea and mushing it around. I don’t know if that’s a weird combination though?

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I haven’t ever had a good enchilada, so I wish that I could try some of yours!

That sounds like a really long list of foods that you have to avoid. I hope that you’re getting better, so you don’t have that list hanging over you.

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It makes me sad because I can’t eat muffins/cupcakes/etc. because I’m allergic to egg (but I can eat bread, pastries, and stuff). I hope you enjoyed your muffin, though! I’m always eating when I’m writing a blog post because I like to think it fuels me when I’m writing (or I’m just really greedy. Either or.)

Is it bad that my tummy rumbled when I saw the picture of the chicken enchiladas even though I ate like an hour again? Hmm… They look delicious. I want to make some now. Chicken is the easiest to cook, once you learn how 😀 Beef makes me feel bloated really quickly, but I looooove me some homemade burgers.

Hmm, I can’t really think of any weird food combinations I’ve had. I consume a lot of food, though, so I probably don’t think it’d weird when I eat it. Haha. Food is my only love.

That’s quite a list of things to avoid. I don’t think I could EVER cut out cheese. Cheese is my queen. I worship cheese. daydreams about cheese I’m allergic to soy milk and peanuts – so I understand about the rabid itching, etc. It’s HELL. I have to carry around an Epipen (needle filled with adrenaline or something) around just in case something happens and I have an allergic reaction. Sigh.

Your ex sucks MAJOR balls. I hate those guys who think that you’ll just come crawling back with a click of their fingers. What do they take you for? Hmph.

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Thank you very much for your kind words on my blog.
They made me smile, and also gave me the incentive to come back to the blogging world and meet new people.

The only food i’m allergic to is nuts, which brings me out in hives and it isn’t pretty at all. I don’t have a taste for sea food either, only prawns I can handle and sometimes a tuna steak.
The strangest combination of food that I have had is probably something I’ve conjured up in my spare time at University. I don’t remember exact combination but I do throw together some pretty random stuff, just because it is whatever is left in my fridge/cupboard at the time.

I hope your enchiladas were tasty, I do love some Mexican food 🙂 My favorite kind.

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My diet used to be really bland. I just used to live on pasta, I hated meat, and veggies, (still do the veggies) but after working in a kitchen it has expanded so much its crazy. I don’t have foods I have to stay away from, so in a way it makes eating nice. Half the foods on that list are in my diet and I would never be able to let go of. Especially cheese. I see your view on that.

I can’t think of any weird food combos, but probably because I am so used to it, it seems so normal to me. 🙂

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I’ve never had bran muffins. I’m not a very pastry type of person. Okay let me be honest I don’t even know what bran is. And I didn’t know what chicken enchilada was until I clicked the link. I pretty much know nothing about food because my dad only knows how to cook nasty Chinese stuff. That’s what I always eat, but on some days just looking at the dishes make me puke. Those are the days I go to junk food for help.

You might want to ask a doctor about why you can’t digest beef so well. My ex-roommate had the same problem, though I can’t remember if it was pork or not. But she definitely had to take pills to help digest some foods.

The only thing on that list that would be hard for me to give up are onions/pepper. I just love that stuff …

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