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Fresh Eggs, Organic

We have tons of eggs because Tommy (my grandmother’s boyfriend) has guineas and chickens. They’re cage free, and they eat like pigs. They LOVE strawberries and watermelon and berries.

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Eggs are yummy! I want to nom them! 😛

Are a couple of them blueish?

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No, it’s just the lighting. I don’t eat eggs, though… He just has a lot of chickens! P:

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It must be fun living in a farm! Hm, well at least that’s what I think of 😉 It would be fun living in a farm for couple of days~

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I don’t mean to burst a bubble or anything, but that is seriously the number one question people who live in the farm/farm areas want to hear. And a couple of days? Even a vacation wouldn’t do justice for that. It’s not fun, it’s not the kind of farm you’re thinking about and it always takes work, work, work, work and more work. .-. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I get this a lot — and it’s seriously REALLY annoying.

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