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You know how you have a website that you love, love, LOVE and you’ve had it for a while? Inspiration often fades; you lose it. I don’t want to disappoint people yet again and close down Dashes, which was Lounge 11 last year, but now that I’ve learned a little more about Paint Shop Pro 9 and how to put all of the images in a sheet and slice them all (thus causing making cards to be able to get done a lot quicker) I’ve grown really tired of the card template. It’s just white and grey for the regular cards – no color!

And there’s so much to be done to Dashes, too, that I just lost the care to do it; owning an online trading card game is supposed to be fun. For me, that fun is lost. Just a taste of what has to be done:

  • Change all old master cards to new master cards (there are a lot of decks needing this…)
  • Update games
  • Summer activity (I should probably mention that half the games are still screwed up and not working right)
  • Original game ideas – but I should mention that when I brought back the forum games from Lounge 11 that another TCG owner ended up messaging me on the forums

It’s really frustrating with that last one, because I’m pretty much at an intersection, and I don’t know which way to go. And I’m writing this because I just need to rant because keeping it inside and only talking to a few fellow TCG owners/TCGers isn’t helping much. It’s very similar to two resource websites having SOTMs (Site of the Months), icon challenges/contests, seasonal events, etc., only one provides coded layouts and such (A) and the other provides layouts that aren’t coded (B). Still both resource websites, just a little bit different from the other. And they didn’t intentionally copy or anything, either BTW. B doesn’t even dig into TCG subforums it’s not a member of. B may have come up with this game idea it thinks it so great, but apparently A has that on another site – and you’re not even a big enough fan of that subject in order to join, let alone understand enough to even dip into said threads!

I feel all paranoid now that no matter what I do, I’m going to tick her off. It’s rather difficult to come up with unique ideas for games, but not every game is freaking unique, and it’s really unfair that I can’t have my games that I had come up with that my players really enjoyed because I’M TOO NICE. I’m even contemplating quitting the TCG she runs because I just don’t find it fun anymore.

And again, it’s extremely frustrating.

I don’t go snooping around into TCG subforums I am not a part of, but I’m guessing that she does? Maybe that’s why the other TCG of the same genre uses its own forums rather than having forum hosting space on a major TCG community board.

I just feel like I can’t win. Anything I put up my members like I’m pretty much gonna have to take down again, so I’m just left with really LAME games no one really wants to play.

And part of me just wants to go back and put up those games because I worked really hard to make them cute and fun and whatnot, but I think I’ll have to move Dashes’ forum stuff to my own forum to avoid drama, which will have to depend on whether I actually want to keep it anymore. I think it died last year when I closed, because members were most active, and now those members are gone, and my current members are not as active and I brought stuff into it that people wanted, but now it’s turning out to be too much, and blah, blah, BLAH.

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wow, didn’t know people still played TRC games online! I’m so out of the loop with this stuff, ahaha
if you don’t find it fun anymore, quit! start your own or something. i wish you luck! don’t be too stressed about it 🙂

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I’ll be honest, this post gave me a headache. Probably because I don’t know you all that well so I’m not following well enough. TCG…. I remember those when I had an Inuyasha x Kikyou fansite with Geocities when I was 14? They were pretty cool then. I know a couple message boards have TCG just to boost activity, but I’ve never participated too much. Always wanted to but never dedicated the time to get into it.

As Alex said, if it’s no longer fun for you don’t do it. it’s not worth the stress.

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Like others are saying, it’s the Internet! Unless the people you’re talking about know you offline, there’s no reason to worry about angering them. A hobby is no longer a hobby if it starts to seem like a chore.

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your TCGs, and they look awesome. You deserve a break from it all.

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@Stephanie, A small part of it may also be that I’m still so angry with her for not knowing stars don’t just have 5 points… They can have much more than that. It’s such a small thing, but for her to have told me ___ card didn’t show a star when she’s not even into math at all is extremely frustrating. 🙁 And when I told her yes, it is actually, and why and how, she just ignored me.

Now if she says my new TCG’s card template looks too much like hers, I’m not gonna play nice anymore.

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