New interview series: Green 52

Sprouted green bean seeding

Green 52 is a new series on my blog I’m looking forward to bringing to life. It’s going to replace Cool People, which was fun and filled with a list of several people I wanted to interview, but…I kept running into walls. I was passionate about it, but you know what I’m more passionate about? This—discussing eco-friendliness and innovation and ALL THE THINGS.

I want to do more things that matter. Interviews start conversations around certain topics, while featuring someone other than the host(ess), and as much as I’m sure you all enjoy hearing about my life, I want to highlight other people in the world doing amazing things!

I think my issue with Cool People was more that I kept thinking, I can just interview my friends ’cause that’s more comfortable and I don’t want to people! but Green 52 is going to force me out of my shell and to people (v), and I think that’s a good thing.


Real talk: It annoys me that Green 52 is such a simple name, because it took me some hours to think of it! I looked up a bunch of statistics every which way, but many of the numbers were in the hundreds—and that’s a bit too much for me. #overwhelming

I basically took green and pondered where I could go with it—green + stat. Except, again, those statistics were too high! But what about 52, for the number of weeks in a year? A lot can change in 52 weeks (a year).

Ideally, the series would be weekly, but…you guys have met me right? And even if not, well, I’m not a big fan of commitment.


Interviews will be posted monthly on the third Thursday (because alliteration, holla!), and I am most definitely open to suggestions!

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