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Happy [sick] holidays?

I ate a lot today because I wanted it (and I wanted to) and I was hungry.

I’m sick, though, and I’ve barely been able to keep anything down. …I am inferring to you that the food I ate is having a not-so-private battle with my stomach and that I can literally feel everything going on – all the rumbling, all the fish swimming upstream, etc. It’s honestly a very awful feeling.

Last night on the way home I was exhausted and tired and sick and had a stuffy and runny nose and a sore throat and watery eyes AND A FEVER. Keep in mind that I also couldn’t see at all to get home because of my watery eyes and the fog and the darkness and the fact that it was nighttime (I can’t drive at night because my night vision might as well be nonexistent).

I worked when I had a pretty high, fever, too. It’s not my fault if I did anything wrong.

I told five different people (okay, so maybe more than that since a lot of other associates asked me why I looked so bad) I was sick and what was wrong, but I had to stick it out. Because of that, I’m in the current mental, physical, emotional and medical state I am in right now. I feel like my throat is killing me, and all I want to do is sleep. But I cannot merely sleep since I have to check my work schedule since I couldn’t really yesterday (and I cannot on my phone because I need to re-register due to the lack of me knowing my login information by heart and trying to login too many times within a short time period). It is such a great thing, right? No, not really.

And I’m really only this whiny because I feel like crap and whatnot and because I just need a place to get this out at (okay, okay, AND BECAUSE I’M EXHAUSTED).

Hopefully I will have Internet soon. With the holidays still to come and go (New Year’s), it will probably take some time for me to actually get some answers from people I’m asking about their services and whether I can actually have their Internet service really at all (let’s face it: trees surround me. I’m pretty much in the middle of nowhere if they can’t find me on their map). However, this one company I’m looking at is what my mom has, and the company uses cell phone towers to distribute its Internet. Since I can use my phone throughout the house, I should be able to have their Internet service put in here as well. Of course, I also need to clean my room before this happens, too. And do I need to buy a router, or do they provide that? See, that’s why I need for them to answer my dang e-mails!

I’m not really asking questions to be answered; these are mostly rhetorical questions. And please remember this statement (because otherwise I’ll grow annoyed at the fact that I have to keep repeating myself in practically all of my entries in which rhetorical questions are located).

Happy holidays, no matter what it is that you celebrate (if anything) during this time of the year.

And if you’re sick, then let’s make a club and infect those who act like they don’t believe we are sick and they want to make us feel like we are stupid (slash just trying to fake being sick), okay?

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Happy Holidays! 🙂 I’m sorry you’ve been ill. I hope you get better soon. My mum isn’t so great at driving at night either. You’re not the only one. I need to accompany her in the car at night just to help her with directions and such. Amazing how much of a difference it makes.

I hope you get stable internet soon. I miss you being around and updating back on 6birds.

You’re excused – eating is just something that’s done more around this time of year. Not to mention it’s cold weather there and you need the nutrients!

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I’m working on getting better…. Slowly, anyway. .-.

I miss being around and updating on 6birds, too. I got burnt out on it, too, though, so…


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I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well! What an awful time to get sick! I wish you a speedy recovery! Just remember the BRAT diet (Bread, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast!) and of course the all-amazing restorative powers of Ginger Ale and sprite. Usually when Will is sick I make him Sleepytime Tea with just a bit of honey.

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