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Hello, Zoey

I’ll do that Raving Roundup sometime later. I have comment to return, and I’ve had a pretty busy week. I almost blogged about something else, but I decided to just go ahead and switch to the new layout. This theme is a bit more personal. I also started a past layouts page. I’m in the midst of changing my emoticons, too. I don’t want to have a lot anymore; I want to just have a few, you know?


  • Annie (Mimi’s dog) was over.
  • I had to take her back.
  • Pat, Carrie and Isaac all decided to tag along.
  • I tried to run with her.
  • She almost got away.
  • Annie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.


  • Miniature donkeys got out.
  • I ran over to Mimi’s to get the gator.
  • Tommy ended up helping us out. Isaac and I spent the evening gathering donkeys with Tommy.
  • We pinned them up in their pen.
  • Not even an hour later, Shetland ponies and donkeys are out again.
  • It turned out that we forgot about the other gate in the pen (long story, don’t ask).
  • We wrangled them once again.

It’s exhausting to herd animals, especially when they can go so many places.

I’m going to work on returning comments, though. If I don’t reply to yours, I most likely lacked a response; please don’t take it personal.

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Oh man! New layout already!

It must be a full time job to just manage all the animals! Does your family hire people to do so, or do you do it all yourselves? I once read a book that had a section about the cattle ranchers in Colorado and Wyoming. The book said that they frequently lost cattle because the cattle would just wander away. I guess that’s why cowboys exist.

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Nope, we manage them all by ourselves. 😛 Only the rich do that. o.o (to us here, anyway)

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