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Hey, I heard you were a wild one!

I like to play games. Sims, racing video games, skateboarding video games, some web applications – I don’t quite fit in with “actual” “gamers” mostly because I don’t really play Mario or anything like that. I do enjoy Pacman, although I don’t remember what the official name of the game I had1 was, and DDRMAX22. I don’t remember the version of the skateboarding game it was, but I think I’d know it if I saw the PS2 case. But if I could call myself a gamer without being put down by other gamers who play “actual” games, I’d so call myself one.

My current obsession? Wild Ones. I played it on Google+ for a while. I should get back to that and have double the fun.

…back to playing. 😉

  1. I use “had” because they’re at my mom’s house. Might as well give up on ever being able to get those back, right?”
  2. Pro = me when I was playing in 9th/10th grade. Now, I don’t know how well I would do.

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I used to play games a lot, some like you said (mainstream ones) like Mario. But I enjoy pacman too. /hug

I haven’t heard of wild ones.

I never get to play any games anymore though, college and university have taken over my life. 🙂


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It’s on Facebook & Google+.

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I’ve never been much a gamer except for that one year when I spent two months (two actual months as in 30 full days x 2) out of the year playing WoW. Hey, what to do when you’re new in town, haven’t got any friends and no job? 😀 Anyway, that’s the only time I’ve ever been a gamer. Nowadays I avoid gaming since I know how caught up in it I could get. I simply don’t have the time for that now that I do have friends and a job.

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If you like games and play them, you are a gamer!

I really don’t like games, so I’m definitely not one. So maybe my opinion isn’t valid, but whatever.

Is Google+ worth joining? Those are pretty neat graphics.

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I use to be a big “gamer” when I was a kid. Maybe because all I grew up around was boys so I use to sit around playing Mario & stuff & couldn’t wait for the lastest game console & games to come out. Now not so much, only thing you can catch me playing is the Sims, it’s just so addicting.

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I’m not an actual gamer too, but I do remember maple story and Pokemon. Wild one seemed like Gunbound, or Angry Birds. Not fond of such aim and shoot game, I usually suck at those.
I do like games that have those rpg stuffs like ragnarok. 😀

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As far as I know, there are two main types of gamers called “casual gamers” and “core gamers” throughout the gaming industry. The core gamers are the ones that play the difficult 3D high-budget games that have long plots, many features, and are very complex. People who don’t primarily play those games are called casual gamers. People who are not aware of the “core” and “casual” distinctions will give you shit for calling yourself a gamer. So you are a gamer, a casual one. Nothing wrong with that.

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