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How I Learned HTML

I first learned about HTML in seventh grade – or was it eighth? I had no idea it stood for HyperText Markup Language or that certain tags had to be put in place before creating a web page. I was about … fourteen, maybe fifteen years old. I only learned about the basics from Girlstart, an after school program for girls that was at my middle school. They taught us from the lessons on their website. We even received our own account to practice on and make pages, and we had a day dedicated to showing off what we’d done. We only met on Thursdays, by the way.

I learned the basics from in sixth grade (I was about twelve or thirteen). My “start” into this little “web world” place with various blogging and resource websites did not come from Piczo or Freewebs. I began on Mat Mice, a website that was a project between a few girls to allow kids and preteens to make their own web pages and websites. It was cute, and I wish Mat Mice was still alive because it was a great community for children to play around with HTML on.

I don’t remember when it was exactly, but Lard bought me my own domain name,  I even made a MySpace account for it, but I forgot the log-in information. D:

I just looked it up, and I had to have been a freshman when it was created, because my best friend from Forney (Leigh) is on the comments section! Here is the account. 😛

Anyway, I obviously don’t have anymore. I don’t think I will; I like I didn’t for a few months, but is a part of me and who I am now. …It feels a bit weird to say that. >.>

Other websites I have played on are and, but truth be told, I hated Freewebs. I can’t explain exactly why, but I think it was because of the layout of the website in general. I used Bravenet instead of Freewebs.

What about you?

Where did you get your start?

Have you used any of the websites I used?

There is a more recent background on how I learned to code you may be interested in.

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Hm… it was such a long time ago. Probably in high school, when I was 16 (that was in 2000 – the year I mean). I had made websites before that too, but I always used some sort of webpage editor: Netscape’s inbuilt page editor, then Dreamweaver and lastly Frontpage. I think I tried to figure out how Geocities’ page builder worked, and then promptly gave up, because it was easier with Frontpage.

I wasn’t actually interested in learning HTML at the time, I just liked how some girl whose fanfiction I read, had this nice looking homepage (and by that I mean that I liked her background 😛 ).

It wasn’t until much later, that I actually started coding my own designs. I think somewhere during 2005 (?). Funny really, because I was already in college with no intention of becoming a webdeveloper (which I am now). I guess, in the end I started learning HTML and CSS more seriously when I fell in with a certain (“elite” crowd at – now mostly found on ), and I’ve been stuck with them ever since 😛

I feel like such a late bloomer compared to you now 🙁

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I got started around the same time you did (maybe more like 12 or 13) but I used totally different tools! My first website was on It was a different version of Nexopia. Then it was Geocities, a few hosted sites, the some blogs on Blogger and WordPress.

It’s funny to look back!

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ooooooh :)! I love it when people learn all of these techy stuffs when they`re young. I learned html when I was in 5th grade. It was neopets 😛 But just.. not in depth stuffs. Just the basics like bold, italics, underline and br. :P! :O! I used freewebs before. I now, absolutely hate it. Only because I grew out of it and the possibilities are.. Limited. :/,,,

:O! I haven`t touched farmville since april :P! And I have like over 100 notices from them 😛

You should seriously make one. I`ve been looking for one and I hate to pay for them :/

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I was fascinated with the idea of creating my own fansite. I started using Microsoft Word to create web pages and that was ick. So I looked for another web page editor, and somehow learned that it was easiest in Notepad with something called HTML! I was in eighth grade at the time.

And then I read Lissa Explains, which I believe is great for learning the basics, but not that great for tutorials and cool tricks. And then I went off and made websites. I used Bravenet for a while, but scrapped the site before I ever announced anything to the public. The webhosts I used a lot were Atspace and Geocities, which is now long dead. Oh reminiscing!

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What about you? I learnt HTML or started learning like 10 years ago. (at 11 years old)

Where did you get your start? when I was 10 I was a part of ‘neopets’ got into guild and making graphics. I then went on to free webs, then zub domains and years later, my first and current domain.

Have you used any of the websites I used? freewebs.

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I am so happy, someone else started on xanga. That is where I learned by HTML and stuff but instead I went to become a myspace site lol, Ahh the good old days haha.

and oh that isn’t good =/

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When I started using computers, we used only DOS. We had these massive machines with a dark screen and code…no pictures, no avatars, no ability to leave comments or check your grammar. It was the computer DARK AGES:~)

I started blogging when I was studying life coaching. I ended up not becoming a life coach, but became a blogger instead. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay well so I couldn’t give up my day job, but I have a lot of fun and meet really nice people.

Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s hard to believe that you learned HTML when you were so young. I enjoyed reading the other comments to this post, although a lot of it I still don’t understand:~)

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Apparently the stupid headache doesn’t want to leave. I still have it today. I had to learn it all by my freaking self! It was a breeze though lol.
I only used piczo, i despise webs with passion.

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I think I had one on Freewebs….and Piczo, too!

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My first domain was Heartdrops! But I did have subdomains for a long time before that. I actually didn’t mind being on a freeserver at all as I felt a bit more free. I tried applying to be hosted but no one accepted me until my freeserver started giving me problems.

I was 10 or 11 when I started out on Neopets. Then I went to MatMice which was the first “free” website service I came across. I read about it in a magazine. I needed more than that, and that’s where I went to Freewebs (which my friend told me about), before going to Angeltowns. Angeltowns closed after someone violated their rules and they deleted everyone’s stuff without notice. After that I was hosted across a few different hosts before I stepped up to buy a domain.

I think that I made a good decision with Heartdrops as my first domain. I had other names in mind but they weren’t “me”.

The weather now is crazy; it keeps changing. 🙁 It was rather fine today, not too hot and not too cold. I hate when it’s super windy; I remember the wind blowing me over when I went to the snow, and that was really bad enough hahaha.

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I started on homestead when it was still free. I liked it because you just drag and click where you want to place stuff. I didn’t even learn HTML or anything until I got my own domain because homestead charged my mom $80 for the year and she got mad. I was in Junior/Senior in high school then and didn’t have a job to pay.

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