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If You Seek Todd

I hung out with Colt at Starbuck’s for about an hour or so today.

I set my multiple alarms on my phone for different times this morning: 7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:15, 8:30.

I finally arose out of the bed at 8:30. Eight thirty in the morning is really early for me… You know? I’m still very tired. We had to meet at 10:30, though, which means that I had to wake up early so that I could get dressed.

105_5765-2.jpg (448×336)

I also went to get Todd from Mimi’smy grandmother’s house – and I’m glad I woke up early because of that. 🙂 He’s laying here next to me sleeping, and ever so often, curling into a ball and smiling.

105_5763-2.jpg (448×336)

Todd just scooted closer to me… So I pulled him even closer, and his head is on my side. He’s so cute… I really missed him, and I’m sure he really missed me…

It’s so funny how spending time with Todd, who I have had for about 13 months now, has made me feel all better.

I love him a lot. <3

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I’m not a believer in psychic stuff, but I thought that the tarot cards were both interesting and pretty, so I got them.
If you haven’t contacted the people who are taking a long time to do your review, I think it’s either because there’s something going on in their lives or they’re too lazy to do so. If they haven’t updated their sites in a while, it’s most likely that.


Todd looks so innocent and cute. I kind of want a pet but unfortunately my mom is allergic to fur.

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@Nugget, Haha, I’m quite allergic to cats. 😛 He really is a sweet, loving cat. He’s one of the best I’ve ever known. 🙂 He’s my baby<3

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I wake up at 8 every day! I even wake up later during the school year.

Your cat (I’m assuming) looks exactly like my best friend’s cat. Tabby right? I generally am not a cat fan (not dogs either) but right now I know a really sweet cat on my street (not homeless) who comes up to me and brushes herself against me when she wants to play. So cute, haha.

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Hey, Liz…

I wish I could wake up at 8:30!! Although then I’d probably just go to bed later and it would suck just as much. I already go to bed friggin’ late even though I have to get up at 7 every weekday morning, though. =/

Todd is so cute!! I’m jealous. I miss my brother’s cat. Maybe one day I will get one when I can afford the vet bills and stuff. And you know, when I don’t have to live in a dorm during the school year.

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Yeah, starting over was a hard decision for me, but I had contemplated it for a while and I knew it was time for something new. I still have all my old posts archived they’re just not up for the public to view so I can still go back and read them any time or add them back to my blog if I want. 😀 Thanks for your comment on my theme, I’m so glad people are liking it. I love your current theme too, it’s so simplistic and clean. <3

I am actually the same way when it comes to waking up in the morning. I never like waking up early and usually I'll just hit the sleep button on my alarm clock a million times. XD 8:30 is definitely early for summer. It sucks for me because I have to wake up at 7:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays to get up for an early driver's ed class. D: I can't wait until it's over, lol! Todd looks ADORABLE!!! <3 I'm totally a cat person as my family has two, but both of them are getting old… Kittens are great, and really want to get one of my own after college. Todd is such a cute name for a cat too, I'm so jealous! XD

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Hey, Liz…

Wow what can I say.. you have cute cat. I can’t resist the gesture of the cat in the first photo. Grrrr… so liked it. I don’t have cats but I like to watch their funny gestures. lol Thanks for sharing.

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@Kira Permunian, Haha, thanks. 🙂 I love Todd. 😛

You’re welcome. :3 I’m trying to do more picture posts, because I haven’t done them much lately.

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Hey, Liz…

Cute Todd! 🙂 My friend has a cat who looks like him. 🙂

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Dang :O! Your alarms are just too organized :P. In the mornings, I just need 1 alarm because my alarm is obnoxious and I rather just hear it once :P. And I can’t have my phone near me so it’s a no go D:!

Todd is just too dang cute! He seems to be really cuddly XD! Todd looks like one of my previous cats, but Todd has a lot more white fur than mine :P.

Why has my site frustrated you? :x. I don’t know what’s up but okay :o.

Take care!

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@Nancy, I think it’s the background, heh. :/

Todd’s a tabby, and he has white fur, but not much. 😛 Haha. He’s gotten browner, though… It’s weird. 🙁

I have to put my phone on the nightstand next to the bed or else I will literally call/text people in my sleep. :/ …It’s horrible. -.-

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Hey, Liz…

Wow! He is so adorable! I’m not a cat person persoanlly, I had a horrible incident when I was younger, and now I just don’t like playing with cats – that said, cats are ridiculously adorable! lol

You’re probably right – I should really email them soon and tell the that their site link needs to chagne.. haha. i’ve just been procrastinating to put it nicely 😛 haha. I shall do that soon 🙂

and it can get confusing using wordpress for your entire site, but if you know what you’re doing, or how you’re setting it up, then it’s actually pretty easy to do 🙂 i use categories to organize all my stuff, so layouts is one category, blogs go in another etc. 🙂

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