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I’m a picky blog reader.

When I come across blogs, I may or may not stay on the page to actually read the entry. If I can’t right click/highlight, that’s bye, bye, Liza! While some think it’s for security purposes, it actually doesn’t help you in any way. 😉

  • Cursing. Mild cursing is alright. Even 6birds has mild cursing now. It hasn’t always, you know. However, when every other word is a curse word/you’re using it vigorously, I’m done. That annoys me. At least use a bigger vocabulary; otherwise I’m going to assume you need to go back to high school.
  • Layout & design. I’ll either love it, hate it, be okay with it or fear it for my life and have to restrain myself from BEGGING you to allow me to redesign your site for you. I prefer blogs that are pleasing to my eyes, which are quite sensitive. I prefer blogs whose site is a cozy place to be. I like to feel relaxed when I’m reading blogs, or anything for that matter.
  • Text. If you have a great, big, huge ole blob of text, I just cannot do that. At all. Just hit “enter”! In writing, new paragraphs are necessary when the topic/subtopic changes. Seriously. I promise. In essay writing, hopefully your teacher taught you to create a new paragraph for each point. That’s what you should do in all your writing. Get in the habit.
  • Your vs. You’re, They’re vs. There vs. Their, Too vs. Two vs. To, We’re vs. where vs. were. You either know the difference or I’m gone. 🙂
  • Complaining. I don’t mind to an extent, but when you start griping about how no one comments/etc., it’s really annoying. I also dislike how people complain about things that are their fault – you failed your class because you didn’t study? That’s your fault. Maybe you shouldn’t have1 partied last weekend until three in the morning and just studied instead!

Basically, I don’t really visit blogs outside of my “circle” because I’m so picky.

  1. Yes, shouldn’t have. Not shouldn’t of.

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iF thEy Type LiKe tHis, I will virtually vomit onto their blog. JK XD
I don’t curse in real life, but I started to curse in a British accent out of nowhere one fine summer day. But I do get uncomfortable when blogs are filled with curse words.

I try to ignore really messy designs, but if there’s background music playing, I get really irritated and leave.

I don’t think I’m picky, but it depends on the content 🙂 And it’s okay to be picky.

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It’s okay to be a picky blog reader. I am too, in some ways. I don’t like blogs that post 10,000 humongous photos in their entry! It takes away from reading the actual post. Especially when I have to stop half way and continue reading just because of a huge photo in the way!

Sometimes I do see people complaining A LOT. I mean it is their blog so they can do whatever they’d like to do, but it does get a little annoying. Why can’t everyone be happy – you’re alive, you’re able to type, etc 🙂

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Complaining is fine. However, I mean the “poor me” complaining and whatnot.

Also, just because you’re alive and able to type & such doesn’t mean you should be happy about it.

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I’m the same with they’re/their. I can’t stand it. And not to mention creating plurals with apostrophes. It hurts my eyes.

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You’re a picky blog reader for sure. I’m like that too! When I see a blog with a large chunk of text, I’m like…”Ugh. 🙁 I don’t feel like reading it now. Maybe later…” And maybe never comes unless I am bored out of my mind.

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Haha, some people act like they are so saavy for disabling the highlighting and right-clicking.

Some complaining is okay for me; I understand that people often need to vent on blogs about stuff that they don’t want to share with real-life friends/associates. But I dislike lots of whining about trivial things.

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