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Lazy Sigh

I went to the doctor today, and doctor Bhatti was who I received as my doctor. My follow-up appointment is with Debra, thankfully.

I was in the ER for about four hours. It isn’t my appendix; it’s an ovarian cyst, and supposedly it will go away on its own.

Long story short, I don’t feel like talking about it because it was boring, exhausting, long and just … BLAH. >.<

I’m gonna chill.

The end.

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Oh my… Well, I hope you recover soon! All the best.

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I’m glad that you’re going to be all right! But cysts are indeed painful. Get well soon!

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I hope you get better soon! I think everyone needs to be chill and relax! Hope everything is okay with you

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I totally hate that if something is wrong with me. fix it. You are a doctor. lol

I hope you start feeling better soon. It takes a lot out of me when I don’t feel well.


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