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Lately I have been wanting to add an a at the end of Liz, my nickname. In case you didn’t already know, my full name is Sarah Elizabeth Lawson. Sabby is a combination of my first and middle name, and every other nickname except the middle school nickname Bearah is derived from Elizabeth.

Liza just seems so nice, though. I can still be that strong Liz, but I can have a girly/pretty touch, too. Liza seems a lot more playful than Liz, which seems uptight.

I’m just getting even more annoyed with Sarah, and I’m starting to come across a lot more lizards around here. -.-

Anyway, I’m thinking about changing my name on the sidebar from Liz to Liza. /pretty /blink


  1. Stephanie on

    Why does Liz seem uptight to you? Doesn’t seem that way to me. I can definitely understand Elizabeth being an uptight, stuffy name, but nicknames generally don’t have that type of air about them.

    1. Liz on

      I think it’s just because I’m honestly really annoyed with it? :/

  2. Paige on

    I’ve never had a nickname. πŸ˜› My name is so short that you can’t really make a cute nickname out of it.

    I have actually begged my mom to switch schools, but she won’t let me. It’s so frustrating. πŸ™

    1. Liz on

      Haha, I guess there’s Pi and/or Pay, but they’re just names I’ve thought of just now at random. πŸ˜›

  3. Paige on

    πŸ˜› Sorry, I forgot to answer your question in your last comment. Yes, I have always been shy. You can ask me anything about it. I’m really open online. xP I won’t get offended. (Unless it’s something like “get over it” or “just talk”)

  4. kibumie on

    /frog <—- keroppi <333 so cute!

    I think Liza is a pretty choice for a nickname~ It's cute and sophisticated! Oh~ I love your name Sarah Elizabeth is really pretty.. I remember Elizabeth from P&P having a nickname Lizzie.. hahaha.. I love your new theme too /cuddle

  5. Kayt on

    Oh I know what you mean. I love making my own layouts, but when I try to be reative and different from my usual style it never turns out lol. I had some pretty cool ones (or to me their cool) but I could never make anything like them again- trust me, I’ve tried lol.
    I agree that getting rid of all that “junk” your website feels so much more clean and sleek.

    Liza does sound really pretty! Liz is good too, but I personally prefer Liza πŸ˜€

  6. Lily on

    I think liza is definitely more feminine than liz. and why don’t you like the name sarah?

    1. Liz on

      Sarah is way too common, and I just don’t like it for me. It’s kind of got a lot of background to it experience-wise, and it reminds me of someone I used to be. It was just a rough patch for me, and I want to get away from that, hence the nickname.

  7. Vicky on

    I always forget that your name is Sarah. xD You just seem more like a Liz to me haha. I think Liza is a nice name and definitely more feminine; I always see Liz as such a strong name, like someone who is really strong-willed and doesn’t give a shit about anything. XD

    I hate my name too, but eh, I can’t really think of any suitable nicknames derived from Vicky. /shrugs

    1. Liz on

      Yes! I think that’s what I meant as far as the “uptight” part goes. I’d change it, but it’s kind of too late because people have already read it, you know? Also, lately I’ve been feeling a little more feminine – but this doesn’t mean I’m going to take on pink and love it and blah, blah, blah. πŸ˜› But I’m pretty sure I can be both Liz and Liza – they’re both a part of me in their own little way! πŸ˜›

      As for Vicky here’s this if you wanna go all Greek stories or whatever on it. Haha. I like names for some reason, so searching them is pretty fun… In high school I knew two Victorias with the nicknames Vita and Vee, and they seem as close to Vicky for nicknames as it gets?

      :O Also, how’d you know my name is Sarah? Hardly anyone on here knows that – unless we go back? :O

  8. Juniper on

    Sarah Elizabeth Lawson is a gorgeous name. :* I think both Liz and Liza are great nicknames! You know best what kind of name will represent you most accurately, so you should go with whatever you think is best for you.

    Thanks so much! Orchestra is a pretty interesting class.

    1. Liz on

      I’m trying to figure it out. πŸ™ Blah. I just want to feel fresh again name-wise.

  9. Clarisse on

    Liza definitely is more feminine. I never found the name Liz uptight, for some reason, though.

    I don’t really have a nickname. I like the name Clarisse! A couple of people call me Reese though. One person used to call me Clar. Another person calls me Clarry, though that just sounds stupid.

    “Clarisse” is fine with me.

    I do like Liza. I like Liz equally as much though.

    1. Liz on

      This will explain the “uptight” part thing.

      Haha, I always thought your nickname was actually Clar pronounced like Claire because of the domain name. πŸ˜›

  10. Dorine on

    My mother got my name from the name “Doreen” and she told me that not many people have this name. Sometimes, I’m pleased to know that. But at other times, it’s annoying not to be able to find my name in some name meanings websites.

    For some reason, I keep thinking that Sarah Lawson is a celebrity. I might be wrong, but I have no idea where this thought came from.

    I think Liz sounds nice, even though it reminds me of an America’s Next Top Model contestant with short hair. Liza sounds stunning as well, but I think Liz suits you the way you are. Why don’t you just call yourself Sarah? It’s a very nice name, for me any way.

    1. Liz on

      There’s a celebrity with my name, yes.

      Le sigh. This and this should explain things better.

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