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Mini makeover

My hair was recently cut.

I did not dye it but it is shorter. To me, it is super short, but that is probably only because I am used to it being long. It was a big change, but I wanted something cute and different. My mom’s friend did a pretty great job.

I’ll admit, it gets on my nerves. I have bangs – I am not used to having them – and when styling my hair, it looks best when parted to my right. That is how it was cut, and I like it.

Personally, I like this semi-careless new me; she doesn’t take what other people think so literal! I’m not saying that now I am careless. When I say careless, I mean that I have more confidence and things that used to bother me do not bother me as much. It’s my life, and I am going to live it to the fullest.

I almost feel as if I can truly start over now. I have a project. 🙂 You’ll see what it is when I’m done, although I may need some help. It’s kind of/not really a “charity”. It’s complicated, and before I make you think the wrong thing, I’m shutting up.

Speaking of projects, I have a math project I’m going to work on later/when I have free time. It will be a blog that will include homework fixes, tutorials, testing techniques and more. I remember when I was high school math classes that I sometimes needed help with my homework, but could never find a website that would help. Instead, you always had to e-mail a “24/7” volunteer tutor, and they always took forever to respond (months, weeks, etc.). What do you think? Visitors could submit ideas, tutorials, notes, strategies, etc. and after being reviewed, it would be added to a queue to be sorted and published onto the website.

I can’t decide whether I should just use a subdomain on or make an entirely new website, though. So far I’m opting for Suggestions?

Anyway, next I am working on my room. I’ve rearranged it; I just need to get rid of the clutter and things. I’m looking at those stackable file folder square things you can purchase at Wal-Mart. Gahh. What do you use to stay organized?

P.S. I’ve owned over 40 domains to date and imposed a domain sabbatical upon myself to stop the habit.

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I think sounds good. I also like the idea of that. I haven’t ever tried looking for help for maths online, but I did personally struggle with the subject. I liked it when I was younger but over the years, I started to struggle. My parents found me a tutor. The thing is, maths is a practical subject and it needs practice. If you know the formulae and way to do it, and can think creatively, I think that gets you through. I got sick of doing problems all the time. I just found it difficult.

We don’t call them “bangs”; rather a “fringe”. My fringe is a side one, but now it’s completely grown out, so it just sort of sticks to the side of my face. I think I need a haircut. XD

I used to care so much what other people think about me. But now I don’t really care; if they don’t matter then it’s not worth dwelling on.

I love waffles! I think I would always prefer them to pancakes, though for breakfast, my stomach doesn’t do so well with too much carbohydrates.

It gets pretty hot in Australia in the summer. It’s warm overall. I like that it’s spring now and warming up, but isn’t getting too hot.

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I’m glad you are liking your haircut. I had really long hair and I cut it very short not too long ago. I don’t know if I could deal with bangs myself but I do think they’re super cute.

That math site is such a fantastic idea! I hope you get it up and running!

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A week ago, I got a haircut too. It was totally unexpected. I was just roaming in the market when I saw that my favorite stylist was in.
I went inside and asked her to cut my hair. Usually I ponder long and hard about it, but I was tired of my long, split-ends. So I said, do something different. It is okay, some sort of slice cut, but I like it.
At first, it felt wrong. I would put up my hand to put them back, and would be surprised, because they were so short. I felt lighter, too but I have gotten used to it. I felt quite the same way you did.

I am pretty good at math, but I don’t always feel like doing it. I would still like to help, however, if I can.
All the best with your room.

It is good that you have adjusted yourself to her passing on. Since my cousin is only two and a half, I don’t have the same objectivity. There is a part of me that despite whatever doctors are saying, some miracle would happen and she’d be perfectly healthy once again.

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Meh I cut my hair a couple weeks back, Totally shaved it all and now I am really regretting it. 🙁

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Awh. o.o I think I saw a picture on your Facebook? I don’t really remember. 🙁 Hm. It’ll grow back, though. 🙂

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o.o Do you not use your site anymore? I keep going to it, but it only has a less than 3 on it. (If I put <3, it will be a smiley. >.>)

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The last time I got my hair cut was for graduation which was almost four months ago. D: I should probably cut my hair though; at least the ends. I haven’t had bangs in ages! Right now all my hair is pretty much the same length.

That would be a pretty neat idea with the math; I’ve personally always had trouble with math and never found anyone to help me. Some math I get, but other math I get so confused. I guess the subdomain can be pretty much anything as long as it’s related to math. XD

Since I just moved, I don’t have that much stuff to actually say my room is “cluttered”; wish I could help you! 🙁 Might want to check through Home Depot; they have a lot of attractive and customizable things to help keep everything in your room organized a little more.

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