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Music & Me — January 2012 Playlist

I’ve decided to share what I listen to with you – weekly. So, this post is all about what I am listening to. It’s usually all about the lyrics for most songs that probably aren’t what you’d expect me to be interested in. Actually, a lot of people are often shocked to know what kind of music interests me. I’m just like, “Seriously?”

  1. I find it utterly stupid and all that mess, but when I really need something to listen to, I can listen to this song and just start smiling/laughing automatically because I just find it so stupid. However, if you know where/how I can get the song WITHOUT all the lyrics and whatnot, then let me know because I DO love the beat a lot. So… Maybe I need the karaoke version of the song? Please? 😛
  2. I used to be obsessed with her music, and what do you know – looks like I’m obsessed all over again.
  3. Because it’s Britney Spears, and I still love her music.