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N to the o

I have been saying “no” a lot lately.

I feel like crap.

No, I will not fix anything for you. I’m not even fixing anything for me. Do I sound like I feel like doing so? No? Correct! 🙂

This week seems to be going horrendously for many people. On the plus side, I’m writing stories again. They’re quite deep and for the mature age – I’m not saying I’ve included anything too provocative for children, but I think that these stories would fit more into the Young Adult genre. They just have so much that graduating seniors and new college students would understand. I don’t think that high school students could properly understand any of this merely because they have not yet experienced it.

I have realized not blogging takes a toll on me and causes me to have problems when I am trying to write other things. I’m actually typing my words and what I want to say, and I never knew that this helps me with my speech, too. I stutter a lot, and I don’t know if others around me notice it or not, but I’m not going to say anything just in case they don’t notice it yet (because once I bring it up, it is all they will notice).

Onto a greater note, I really dislike the new WordPress dashboard. I love the old look. This one looks really block-y and bulky, and I’m just … not favoring it!

I mean, doesn’t it look gross? -.0

Anyway, prepare for a lot of melancholy rants and other miscellany rants that will either interest you or will not interest you at all. I have a lot to say, and I figured out that my blog is the best place to do so.

I need to prepare for some guest blog posts. I have to get mine ready for Sara’s blog, and I also have to get Ashley’s guest blog post ready for publishing on

My posts will either be more or less than five hundred words for the next while. I don’t know. I’m not going to give myself a limit, but I am still going to try to get at least four hundred words into each post. It’s kind of like a challenge for myself I guess.

Whatever. Or not even four hundred words… I don’t really even care much anymore.

It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want with it. -.-

I am quite careless right now… I desperately need to open my PHP Editor program and start working on the new games I’d planned for the TCG I started and now pretty much haven’t an interest in…

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Funny thing is, I like the new WordPress dashboard for precisely the reasons that you don’t like it. Guess that you can’t come up with a design that everybody likes.

I hope that all of your projects go well! You seem like you need a hug right now, like the summer heat is dragging you down.

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I’ve never really written much fiction. Since I’m going to have to for creative writing class anyway, I’ve been thinking about trying. When I was little I wrote a bit, though, as you can imagine, they didn’t turn out so good, haha.

I stutter sometimes, and I doubt I talk as well as I write. Maybe if I’m really into it, I would, but, normally, I don’t talk this well.

I’m not sure if I dislike is as much as I’m just not used to it. The old one was completely fine though, and I don’t really see why they made the changes they did, but I don’t really mind.

I wanna guest blog some time. I was thinking about doing it early November or some time in December, when we have a break from school.

Try not to tell yourself how much to write. I personally don’t see anything wrong with short posts; if you can get to your point that quickly, then why not? I don’t like certain short posts not for their length but because of their content and the fact that some of them just seem to be written for the sake of writing a blog posts.

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@Clarisse, I don’t really like change. I mean, I had been using the old layout for the [almost] year I have been using WordPress, and it is just too different for me now. Also, this update seems to have so many bugs that I have no interest in dealing with. 🙁

I like to try to write a certain amount of words per week, haha. 😛 I think that’s why I made a limit? But in the end I don’t really care. 😛

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@Clarisse, Also – I decided to have guest blogs open for a long time, so just shoot me an e-mail whenever about it if you’d like! 🙂

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I sorta like the new wordpress layout, but I make the sidebar go in. I would like to read some of your writing.

I really do like your layout, it sorta reminded me of another, but I don’t know. lol.

As long as you are satisfied with your blog don’t worry what other people think.

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@Sara, Haha. I don’t like how the layout of it takes up the entire browser screen now. 🙁 Haha.

Georgina at made it, so…

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Agreed on short posts. I usually find the short ones the most meaningful, absolutely.

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I can’t even imagine myself writing more than 300 words in my blog entry.. what more 400 or 500? Haha but good luck with that, Liz! 🙂 I haven’t updated my WP dashboard yet but after seeing it from the preview you showed, seems like i’m sticking with my current version for the meantime.

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@Gel, I normally write blog posts between 300 and 500 words. It isn’t really that hard for me.

I had to update because of the bugs I kept getting every time I posted a blog.

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I’m actually too afraid to write stories for adults because I would rather avoid sex subjects. I stick to stories for teens, but at the same time, I don’t want to satisfy their needs with another vampire book – just too many of them these days, but unfortunate, they are quite popular.

There is nothing wrong with a short post. 🙂 But it can leave to short comments.

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@steff, I’m not talking about anything sex related. Just because a story is for someone who is out of high school doesn’t necessarily mean that it includes any sexual bits in it at all.

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I think being able to say “no” is also a talent. I have struggled over the past few years and have finally acquired this skill lol. I can sort of relate with that. Blogging helps me to vent my feelings at times so in a way it helps with my conversational skills 🙂

I see…I wonder if it differs, I like the new dashboard on my mac, well rather I like the shortcuts they added to the admin menubar. I don’t particularly care about the fonts they changed.

Good luck with working on those TCG games! It happens to me quite often, I will start something and then loose interest ^_^;

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@Dipika, I don’t really like being able to say “no” sometimes like I have been recently because I feel mean whenever I say it. 🙁

Hmm, I’m guessing the dashboard differs for Macs? Because I have Windows. o.o I don’t really see the admin shortcuts. :L …Unless it’s the admin bar you see when viewing your website logged in? I disabled that.

Thanks! I actually did finish everything! 🙂

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Ahhh yeah I’ve been feeling a lot like that lately… For me I’ve just been extremely stubborn? I don’t understand, either, I just feel like not helping other people out, not fixing things, and just doing things on my own. Even my bf has been noticing… Hahah he even told me to stop being such a snot the other day and to build a bridge and get over it- Totally true. I’m such a lump lately. Well I hope things get better for you… And I’d say don’t tell yourself you have to blog a certain amount, it’ll never work- you’ll be writing about junk even you yourself don’t care about. I’d love to read some of those stories, perhaps you can share a link with me/something?

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Yeah I know what you mean…I didn’t like saying no either but sometimes you just have to ^_^; It takes a while to not feel guilty about saying no.

I am just guessing that since the fonts are different it might look different. Then again I have windows too so except for the fonts/size I didn’t notice much difference between the two lol. Yeah I was talking about the admin bar that you have disabled. Looks like wordpress has another update XD.

Awesome! I should finish up on some of my stuff soon but I spend most of my free time playing games these days ^_^;

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@Dipika, I don’t really spend a lot of my time playing the games… I made some games for the thing, but it’s mostly just finding the codes for them that can have rewards for after, you know? 🙂

Haha. gfshjkd Yeah, but it’s not on Softaculous yet, which is where I update my WordPress. It just runs much smoother. 😛

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