November goals + job apps

I will start a goal list (a public one). It seems to work for other people; why can’t it work for me, too?


[spoiler /see the edit/ /close the edit/]

EDIT: I applied for three jobs today. Go me. One app was 200 math questions.[/spoiler]

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Vicky’s gravatar

You should definitely consider doing monthly goals – I’ve found it very helpful to keep me motivated myself. I’ve been doing it since March and even though I don’t always complete my goals, it’s been very fun to do. 😛

Congratulations on applying for a 3 jobs; it’s hard to find a job these days and there are so many jobs out there that I’m not qualified enough for. 🙁 I hope you get at least one of them – I wish you luck. 😀

Georgina’s gravatar

November will hopefully be a good month for you with goals you can achieve! 🙂

Good luck with the jobs. I can’t believe you had to answer 200 questions for one of them. I would have given up and sensed that the job was not worth answering that many questions for!

Ashley’s gravatar

Yay for the jobs, I have been applying like crazy but am doubtful I’ll get it, le sigh. =/ So hopefully someone will be successful!

Liz’s gravatar

Calling helps a lot! xD It shows you want the job; however I think that calling too many times seems a tad bit stalker-y. I don’t really know how the process works to be sure. P:

Jessica’s gravatar

Best of luck with creating your goals list. I always seem to create one, and either lose it or never complete anything. I am still working on things from the month of August…i.e. cleaning my room, finishing Bemusedly. 😛

As for the jobs, I really hope that you get one of them. But 200 questions on an application?! Are they crazy? What kind of job were you applying for?

Christina’s gravatar

I’ve never been a list maker but it works for some people. I should try it too! Lol, good luck!

Liz’s gravatar

I haven’t made one, yet. D: Haha. But thank you! 🙂

Caity’s gravatar

Good luck with your jobs! 🙂

Liz’s gravatar

Thanks! I got the job at Wal-Mart! 😀

Breanne’s gravatar

You’ve been tagged 😉

Liz’s gravatar

Thanks… I just did one, but I don’t have time for tags anymore. I don’t really like them, either. But my Internet connection is currently limited, so I’m trying to make that best of it that I can make.

Tran’s gravatar

Have fun with the goal list 🙂 And good luck with the job hunt!

Liz’s gravatar

Haha, thanks. 😛

Sara’s gravatar

So, how far have you gotten on the goal list? I always set these lists up and then end up doing something entirely different. I’ve saved a few and historically, there actually rather funny. All the things I planned to do versus the things I actually did do.

Congrats to you about applying for the jobs. 200 questions…WOW. I knew the economy and job market was tight, but gee whiz that’s a lot of questions for a job application/interview. I hope one comes through for you.

p.s. thanks for your nice words about the loss of Ms. Dix:~)

Liz’s gravatar

I actually haven’t made the list yet. Over the weekend I applied for jobs, and yesterday I received a phone call from Wal-Mart. I had an interview yesterday, and today I go in for orientation. ^^ Thanks you! xD

And P.S. you’re welcome! 🙂