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On Scary Movies + Cats

I went with my mom this morning to take Todd to the vet to be spayed and to have his rabies shot. The poor thing was scared; he doesn’t do well with car rides – especially long ones – even when he is in his crate. I’m picking him up around four. 🙂

On the bright side, now he can go over to my mom’s house and play with Savannah and Booger, and my mom and I won’t have to worry about him impregnating Savannah. 😛

Do want to see my new hair? Excuse the blurry-ness on the second picture, as it was taken from my phone. o.o

[images unavailable]

I watched Bye Bye, Birdie yesterday afternoon. I love that musical. <3 I also watched The Hills Have Eyes, but I missed the first thirty minutes of it (including commercials). It wasn’t scary; it was mostly gory and gross and bloody.

On the way to the vet my mom and I talked about “scary” movies these days, and went to talking about Saw and that series. I questioned why anyone would watch that, and said that it seems like only a sick, sadistic person – if not a serial killer – would come up with that stuff! Yeah, I think of things like that sometimes, but only because those fears have come to mind before or do come to mind. Not on purpose.

For those of you that enjoy watching those gory horror movies, congratulations (?) for having a heavy, stable stomach that allows you to successfully watch them without having to turn away and/or throw up. Isn’t that masochism?

I’m going to wrap this up now. I had a few other things to say, but the wording is a bit off and too odd for my liking, LOL.

Until next time. 🙂

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Thanks, glad you like it! I didnt know i was any good at it till i tried. I like how they are working out though. I plan to try getting a little more abstract each time… so we will see =)

Yeah i like it being separate cause i can focus on making sure all my graphics look good and not organizing my photos.

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Your hair looks cute!

I love Bye Bye Birdie! I was in that play once and it was totally fun!

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I’m coming back, i applied for hosting with Parisfalls. 🙂
My e-mail is linked in my name, if you want to mail me.
I’ll give you my link if my sub is approved.

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Awh, I never got your link. o.o This is the only comment I’ve gotten from you. I’ll find you on her site, though. 😉

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I really do not understand why people enjoy watching horror movies. As you said, it’s masochism. People who love to watch as a monster-zombie-ghost kicks off the guts of someone and suck like they were spaghetti. Ew.
If anyone would like to see it in “real life”, certainly would be sent to a psychiatric hospital. Or to prison. But apparently makes much difference whether the massacre is in real life or on TV. Well, I don’t think so.
Cute haircut! ^ ^

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Ooohh! I like your hair! And that first picture is really pretty 😛

x_x I don’t have stomach for scary movies either. The only time I ever watch them if for halloween, when my friends make me… Last year they sort of forced me to watch scream. I wonder what they’ll come up with this time… :O

I actually haven’t seen those movies.. Are they any good? Well, Bye Bye, Birdie anyway. Not really up for goriness…

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Thanks glad you like it =)

Yeah it is nice having it on a sub-domain. Easier to keep organized i find.

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Yeah. 🙂 LOL. I made a contact thing on a subdomain. It includes my hosting things now, too. It’s so much easier now.

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