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Rain, Rain, come and play!

I have a minor earache. All of these allergies are horrible. It seems like everyone has allergies right now. The clouds keep teasing me with their thunder and sprinkling showers… I want it to rain. I want to hear the rain. I want my hair to become frizzy because it’s raining. I want to hear the windows being tapped by drops of rain not from a rain shower, but from a storm of angry clouds taking everything out on the dry, dirt ground.

Even if for only an hour. That would be amazing.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a Gardenia Bush and Ruby the calf because I don’t know what else to talk about.

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As long as I don’t have to work, go to school or other areas where I have to drive, I’m all for rain. I love rain when I’m in my own comfy bedroom watching a movie or going online. The sound of rain is so…therapeutic and orgasmic at the same time.

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Ah yes, allergies, tell me about it. You’d think that allergy season is long over but that is never the case. I had to settle with taking an antihistamine every day before I go to bed so that I can get a decent sleep and go through most of the morning symptom free. If I didn’t, I’d wake up every 2 hours during the night or I’d wake up with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose.

It has been very dry here lately too. I believe it went about 2 and a half weeks without even a drop of rain. That is very rare where I’m from. Everyone wished for rain and wow, did we ever get rain! There was a light show, our trees were literally being blown to the point they were sideways, we lost power and the rain just kept coming down hard for a good hour or so. I’m thinking that I might have killed 1 too many spiders that week. xP

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@Trella, Yuck, that sucks! 🙁

It actually recently rained here, too! It’s so ironic how wishing for something happens when it’s least expected! :}

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I hope your ear gets better! That’s funny, today I was getting an earache on the train and I’ve never actually had one before. I was developing a headache too… I guess everyone is kinda falling ill. 🙁

We had a bit of rain last week but I hated it, I was very annoyed by it. I guess I wasn’t in a good mood overall so I didn’t like the rain at all.

Beautiful photos! 🙂

Also, no worries about the smilies. :B Glad you like them enough to use them haha. <3

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Oh my word Liz. Can I say that I LOVE your layout? Because I do! At first I just loved the simplicity of it, but now I am in love with the notebook paper part of it. When you ever get tired of it and decide to ditch it, I would love to edit/use it with all due to credit to you. I love it.

I know what you mean though. To be honest, we havent had much rain at all. Like our grass is like brown and ugly here. 🙁 I use this stuff from Got2B to help keep the frizz down so if it did rain, I don’t have to worry about it. 😉

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If you search the WP theme directory, you’ll find the theme. However, at my footer I have a link that links to my credit page, and you can just see that Dean made this theme a while back… 😉

…I only wish I was this great at making themes!

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It is so hard to go with rain for a long time. It happens here and I about go crazy. I need variety. We all should get together and do rain dances.
I like your pictures, even if you didn’t know what to put up. The calf is adorable :* Thought I’d try your icons; I hope I got the right one after “adorable.” It should the smiling heart. Oh, I also like the new “look.”

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Haha, it is the smiling heart. 😛 The one with the heart eyes?

Actually, it finally rained here. Lightning struck the Internet tower and knocked us out for a few days. :L

Thanks, I like the new look, too. I wanted something simple, so I decided to use a theme I’ve used before… It really fits me right now.

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Yes! I love the rain too. I want it to rain so heavy that I can’t breathe!

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It’s rare to see people actually wishing for rain, but then again, I live in England so we get more than enough of it.
Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon.

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Aw, I’m sorry about your earache. 🙁 I actually don’t think I’ve ever had an earache before. I don’t have allergies, either. I guess I’m lucky!

I love rain. I don’t like when it rains every day, but rain every once in a while is always nice. Rain sounds pretty when it hits against windows.

Aw, Ruby the calf is quite cute! ^^

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And ironically gardenias like lots of water. As do calves. 🙂

Wishing for rain here too! Even for 10 minutes of that pounding.

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Haha, it finally rained. It was a pretty good storm. Of course, you can’t really tell it rained anymore because it’s all dried up once again. P:

Yep. That Gardenia Bush didn’t really produce any Gardenias this year, though.

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I love the rain. 🙂
And the calf looks adorable!

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Thanks. :}
And I love the rain, too. 🙂

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