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Rascal, flat.

Over the weekend Todd did nothing but stay by my side. I wondered if it had to do with me, or if he felt sick because I felt sick. I surfed the internet on my phone, and it turns out that a lot of cats stay by their owners when they are sick – or even when they are carrying a baby! For some, their husband’s/wife’s cat would cuddle with them only when they were ill. Isn’t that weird?

Anyway, I enjoyed Todd’s company Sunday when I was in bed all day because of allergies. I woke up at 2am to hear Mimi coming into my room with cough syrup because apparently I had been coughing. I didn’t even realize I was coughing that much.

I think I lost a few pounds when I was sick. I don’t eat when I’m sick or not feeling well, and if I do, I don’t eat much.

But when I do eat whilst sick, I only eat certain things: mashed potatoes, crackers, macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza (with VERY light sauce, if any at all), Lean Pockets (ham & cheese), soup, peppermints, bread, rice, beans (re-fried or baked), salad and fruit. It is very basic, no? I can’t really handle eating other kinds of foods, whether it be my appetite, what looks good or what I am in the mood for. By the way, mashed potatoes are great for an upset tummy. :O Another thing? Eating a peppermint when you have a sore throat, headache, runny/stopped up nose helps sooth the pain away/clear up your nose. Bananas give you energy, especially when you’re sick. Facts are fun! 😀

My mom and I had to change BJ’s name because it sounded “sexual”. Rascal is the name I originally came up with. I took him out a while ago and held and played with him for a while. Rascal fits him well. >.>

Todd was almost named Rascal. I’m glad his name is Todd, though. It’s much easier to say a one-syllable name when you’re getting onto a cat. -.- … Especially when you’re getting onto him a lot. He’s a good kitten, though. 🙂 I still love him, and he still loves me.

I made a Facebook for my online friends. I have been meaning to, but kept putting it aside. This Facebook holds little personal information, and the name I used Sabby Nickels. It is going to take a while, but I am working on going through my friends. I only want people I know personally on my Facebook now, hence the Facebook for my online friends. I think it is going to be much easier, too. However, because I am a FarmVille fanatic, those that frequently send me FarmVille gifts will be on both Facebooks… Yeah, I guess you could say I’m addicted.

I’m all out of ideas for my articles section. 🙁 I guess you could say it’s annoying me. >:| I don’t know what else to add! D: Ideas?


The halo was drawn in to hide my appearance. >.> My shirt is a v-neck. Anyway, he’s adorable, is he not?

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Awwwhs Todd is super cute. :D! I love it when cats stay by their owner’s sides regardless. Thats like with my kitten. They are all cuddly with me at one point :O! I hope you are feeling great now &__&.

:O! I used to be addicted to farmville, restaurant city, and all of those goodies. :P!

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Sorry for the double comment.

If you want to add me,
my facebook is

I have block schedule :)! a 4×4 type :O!

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OHMYGOD, the kitty! <3
I'm going to steal him from you! Haha, bless.
And thank you 🙂 Your layout is sweet. <3

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@Emma, Thanks.
And, LOL. You can’t; he’s mine. <3

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He is adorable. And your new theme, too. I love it. I loveeee it. Especially, the format of a diary. I checked out the other website you emailed me, but I am in a hurry because my computer has crashed and I am online through my dad’s, which is super-slow and not mine. I am going to comment in detail later, though, so thanks for sending the link.
Rascal. Ahha. I like it. 😛

I hardly ever eat when I am ill too. The food is tasteless. Recently, when I had this bout of fever for a week, I lost a lot of weight. I had to eat healthy for the rest of the month.

Of course you;re special. Everyone is. I don’t remember why I said I missed you, but it was something you said, and that line was so…you. I mean, typical Liz. Thats why I said that. 🙂

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Rascal is a cute name! Ah I think I know what you mean about BJ… I once made a subdomain for something which was /bj and my friend wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. Sigh. If people weren’t so dirty minded maybe this wouldn’t occur!

Todd is a lovely name. 🙂

This a bit off-topic and I hope I don’t offend you somewhat, but a few years ago a girl was suspended from school because they found photos of herself online with what was more or less a v-neck top. You couldn’t see anything inappropriate, really, but the school thought it was. :/

You could write an article on pet peeves? A lot of people do and for some reason that entertains me. XD

When I’m sick my mum says I complain too much and “make other people sick”. I thought that was mean! I also don’t eat much when I’m sick. I don’t feel like it because usually I’m in too much pain or don’t feel good enough to eat.

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Awww, Rascal is sooo cute and sweet looking. I love his blue eyes, so precious. I think my animals in general are more loving if I’m sad or sick, it’s like they can sense it.

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Liz — I like what you’ve done to your site!!!

Todd is truly adorable. I always loved kittens and almost ended up with one to keep company with Aggie….but the kitten scared Aggie so much that I had to give it back. This worked out for the best because there was a little girl who had just come in and she took the kitten.

Aggie is such a wimp sometimes, plus I think she believes she’s a dog since she lived with my old dog for so many years:~)

I read the story of Todd/BJ and I am proud of what you and your mom did. A lot of people would have just ignored that situation and the kitten might have died…so, you and your mom are my heroes today:~)

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