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Raving Roundup: July 2011

It’s that time of the month again where I choose five posts from the previous month and talk about them. Here I go…

100 Facts About Me 26-30 – I’m more behind on this meme/challenge of mine than I intended. I’m going to make myself come up with things this month to get to at least seventy-five in the listing process!

My experience with birth control was a horrible one, and I never want to get on it again. – Enough said.

Wordless Wednesday: Look at Me – TODD! The picture was taken at Easter, but he still looks pretty much the same. He’s such a sweetheart; he’s my baby. I love him so much. 😛 Here… We’ll just look at him some more…

Guest Blog: Learn From Amy’s Mistakes – This was my first guest blog post to be posted here at 6birds. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about posting it and seeing all of the feedback because it’s something I’ve never done before, but things went well! ^^ [Edit 30 Nov. 2017:] I came to regret this post after it was published and deleted it later down the line. I never wanted to condone public shaming (at least not like this; I have posted things in present-day that I don’t regret) and a part of me hadn’t realized that that was what it was. “Amy” was, according to the post author, a name changed to preserve the anonymity of the person, but that still doesn’t make it okay. [End edit]

run, run away – Aren’t you ready for summer to end already, too? …Or maybe it’s just me.

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This is a cool roundup idea. I personally can’t do “about me” sections very well so I resort to stuff like random facts about me but I have never done the 100 facts challenge O_o. Good luck with getting through that!

Aww Todd is adorable! I wish I could have a pet T_T

I have never done a guest blog post before so I wouldn’t know but I really like the idea…it seems like it turned out pretty well too!

Summer is slowing departing…can’t believe it is August already…then again I guess it will be nice to lie in my bed during winter hehe.

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I love winter! Haha, I SO can’t wait for winter to come!! <3

I know, I need to get to work on my 100 facts challenge! I’ll be getting back on track with that soon! 🙂

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