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Raving Roundup: June 2011

I had thirteen posts to choose from, but I finally chose my favorites. It was hard because I don’t have many favorites from this month. I had to read through each one, too, so don’t think I just made a list and wrote a few sentences about it… This entry has taken some time to write…

HC Giveaway Winner – This contest was/is the first and only contest I have ever held that directly involves a third-party. I hope to have more contests similar to this in the future, but this one is and will always be the first contest I have held involving a third-party. Sure, I’ve held domain name giveaways, but I didn’t have to directly involve NameCheap, you know? 😛

100 Facts About Me #25 – My love for the country/continent I’ve never met but would love to meet someday… This entry doesn’t do justice for my love and desire… But it sums it up to the best that it can, you know?

Stop & Erase – I have to love this one. Why? Because of one paragraph. “Everyone wants more of it, no matter how much they say they don’t. It’s that I-gotta-have-it-it-just-feels-so-good-to-be-a-part-of-please-include-me-in-on-it matter: drama.” I love that. I just can’t get enough of the sentence with the dashes… Do you know how long it took me to come up with that, or to make the wording fit together and make sense – or what about to type it up?!?!?! Yeah, I kept screwing up the dashes, you know? In the end, I only hit “publish” because I really liked that one phrase… If it weren’t for that, then I would have posted this entry at a later date – after all the hype and the fuss.

Jar of Hearts – I love the analogy I made in this entry… Or is it comparison/contrast? Either way, it’s still really awesome, and I love the wording and the diction – and the way I released all of my thoughts. I did so well… I wish I could do this for essays!

105_5765-2.jpg (448×336)
Because everyone knows pictures lighten the mood. 😛

lazy sunday – To add emphasis to the lazy part, I didn’t capitalize the title at all. I was going to, and I kept going back and forth as I wrote out the entry as to whether the title should still be capitalized or not. I finally decided not to… Did any of you infer that I was doing this for emphasis? Or maybe you didn’t notice this at all. 😛

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Hey, Liz…

You just get the photo right. It’s kinda irresistible really. 100 Facts About You #25 is interesting! Are you looking for someone? or Oh I mean the patriotic love.

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All of these blog posts are great, especially the one about girl drama! LOL, it’s so true!

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Ahhh I love compilations! I so would do them if I had more than like 4 entries per month. I always tell myself to blog more but there’s never any time for it! I skimmed some of the entries you chose and I must say they’re thought out. I thought the one about England was very interesting. Maybe I should do the 100 facts thing many people are doing. Might be more interesting than my complainers.

Isn’t it normal for American rock stars to wear eyeliner? Don’t Simple Plan or Green Day do that? People don’t think they’re gay, do they? I wouldn’t know, I really don’t know anything about American entertainment.

I don’t understand how people can confuse a guy for a girl and vice versa. Even if the guy is pretty or the girl is manly I’d still be able to tell the difference. There’s just something about each gender. Maybe I’m just good at seeing people?

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@Kris, I haven’t really seen anyone else other than one other blogger I don’t really talk to doing the 100 Facts meme. But I think mine is a lot more different than theirs because I’m doing it differently. It’s for my Factual Friday meme, a meme I started myself. 🙂

Yeah, I suppose they do, but still. It just depends. I also think it depends on whether other people are as open about things or not. Like, they have to open about gayness, or anything related to such a thing, in order to tell the difference? 🙂

Again, I think it just depends on other’s perspectives.

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I missed most of these posts. 🙁 I blame school, haha. I did read a couple of them just now though. 🙂

I’m still a girl, and I can’t help myself from participating in all the drama every now and then, but I’d like to think that I’m less into it then most other people. Over time, I’ve grown to hate backstabbing. It’s gotten to a point when I feel awkward and uncomfortable every time a friend starts complaining about another person to me behind their back. I automatically feel guilty, before I even get the chance to say anything. It’s embedded itself into my conscience.

Commenting for hits, I think, is something we’ve all been guilty of at least once before. I used to do it, and I still find that motivation creeping at the back of my thoughts every now and then, but, generally, I comment because I like sharing my thoughts. Sometimes I do it out of politeness, feeling the need to return all the comments I receive, but now I only comment when I really do have something to say. If i really can’t relate, I wait for the next post or don’t return the comment at all.

Those two posts would have to be my favorite. 🙂

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@Clarisse, I feel the same way when I do something that would/will stab someone in the back. Or telling someone something that would betray someone else. I hate the feeling. 🙁 But yeah, sometimes I can’t help but to get into the drama that’s going on. Often times I’m dragged into it, or even if I have something to say about it, I can’t necessarily do anything to keep myself out of it because I stand up for other people if I see something I don’t like going on. But then if those other people are my friends, then things skyrocket and go mad.

I used to comment for hits, too, so I agree. However, I try to remind myself that this is just a mere stage others are going to through at least some time or another. I do have a hit counter, and I find hits to be fun, however it doesn’t matter as much as it used to me nowadays. 😛

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Hey, Liz…
I don’t think I would have noticed that your “L” in lazy wasn’t capitalized. But it’s nice to try and add that something special now and then.

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