Review: SunButter

I’m not really the type of person who is into trying new things all of the time due to past experiences, and food is no different. A few years ago, I had soy milk for the first time. Now, the only soy milk I actually like is Silk. Earlier this year, I tried rice cheese because I’m not supposed to eat cheese, and soy cheese contains yeast. Rice cheese tastes like plastic. From there, I decided that it was official: Nothing tastes better than the real thing except for the real thing.

However, Sunbutter is really good. It’s a nut-free1 and gluten-free sunflower seed spread. I guess it’s a twist to peanut butter. It has a lot of sunflower seed taste in it, so if you dislike sunflower seeds, you probably won’t like Sunbutter.

Here’s what I like about it:

  • Creamy Sunbutter has the same texture as creamy peanut butter. No need to stir or heat up to make it creamier; it’s perfect just the way it is.
  • I can eat it like peanut butter. Have you ever put your spoon into peanut butter and just… ate it? I used to do that. Then, two years ago, I had to stop doing that because I have an anaphylactic respiratory reaction. It’s quite horrid, and I’ve been thankful that my inhaler worked the last few times. Now I avoid nuts like the plague. Anyways, four all of the five 1.1 oz squeeze packs of Sunbutter that I won from Christine are gone because I used one on a sandwich and just ate the rest plain… I intend to use my coupon very soon!
  • It’s natural! Sunbutter’s a natural product, so that’s another plus for me! I can’t have things that are processed and contain x amount of artificial flavors and ingredients (5 proteins from this, 5 oils from that…).
  • 1.1 oz = 2 Tbsp = 1 meat/meat alternative. I have to find protein elsewhere sometimes, since I’m not supposed to eat leftover meat (due to the mold allergy).

Sunbutter meets my allergy needs, and because I like it, I now have a replacement! Look for and expect some recipes in the future containing this stuff, as I cannot wait to start making some snacks and things I can actually eat! It’s difficult finding foods I can eat with my mold-free, yeast-free, dairy-free and nut-free diet needs. Sometimes I splurge, like when I had a cheeseburger and fries with ketchup from Braum’s for breakfast/lunch2.

…anyone know how to make peanut butter pops of any kind? I can just make Sunbutter ones… Or maybe I’ll make Sunbutter granola bar things that can be eaten in bulk.

This is addicting.

  1. Both tree nut and peanut!
  2. Because it’s good to give into temptation rather than to continue ignoring it. Otherwise, when you get it, you may over splurge and eat too much of something you shouldn’t have. …unless you could die. Molds and yeasts just make me cough and sneeze and so on… Not as bad as peanut butter. If you can give into it, perhaps it’ll feel like a party in your mouth.

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Tran’s gravatar

Ooo, cool product! I don’t think we have anything similar to Sunbutter in Australia, which is a shame cos I love sunflower seeds. And it being called ‘Sunbutter’ is cute, haha.

In regards to soy milk, it really depends on the brand, methinks. I use soy milk for my coffee but I only use a brand called VitaSoy cos other brands taste absolutely foul. And rice cheese sounds kinda gross, haha.

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Jessica’s gravatar

I saw this stuff at Christine’s blog, and it does look good! I need to try it, cause I’m actually not a fan of peanut butter, but I do like sunflower seeds so I’ll give it a go! And you can’t have leftover meat? I feel like that is a blessing in disguise, cause you always get freshly cooked meat! :O

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Liza’s gravatar

@Jessica, but I also live in a house where beef is favored, and beef makes me sick. I prefer chicken, or turkey, instead. Still, when we end up having a leftovers night… 😡 Doesn’t work too well. And think of meat without seasonings! Because I can’t really have seasonings. D; That’s why [and what I meant when] I said I have to find protein elsewhere.

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Erin’s gravatar

I’m glad that you were able to find something new that you liked! I personally haven’t tried sunbutter but it sounds delicious.
Do you have any ideas on how I could advertise starsfalling? Other than blog hopping like I am and commenting everywhere, trying to get my site out there? I am not sure what else to do besides wipe the forum and start anew and then continue commenting around…..

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Aimee’s gravatar

I have never heard of this, but I do like peanut butter and sunflowers so I’ll have to try finding this.
xoxo Aimee

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Liza’s gravatar

@Aimee, There is also Wowbutter — it’s made of soy nuts, which are actually baked soy beans — and it’s much cheaper than Sunbutter. Once I try it, I’ll review it as well. c:

Sunbutter was about $8 at Tom Thumb whereas the Wowbutter was about $3 at Kroger.

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Cat’s gravatar

I hadn’t heart of Sunbutter before! I’m interested in trying it, especially if it has the same texture and consistency as peanut butter. It’s nice to have more spreadable options 🙂 I’m glad you found a peanut butter alternative that you like!

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Gretch’s gravatar

I’ve never heard of sun butter and I don’t even know how sunflower seeds taste like. ^^;
This looks interesting though. I looooooove peanut butter so maybe I’ll like this one too 😀

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Cori’s gravatar

My fiance’s sister is allergic to peanuts so she always has different kinds of butter, like almond and pecan butter. She’s said before she’d tried Sunbutter but wasn’t fond of it, but I love sunflower seeds so I’ve thought about giving it a try. I might just have to track some down now!

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Liza’s gravatar

@Cori, has she ever tried Wowbutter? It’s made from soy nuts. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be soon. :p It’s also cheaper than Sunbutter. :p

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Sage’s gravatar

Can’t stand peanuts or peanut butter. Ick! Can’t stand soy either. I have a caffeine allergy which requires an epi pen like most severe allergy sufferers … Sunbutter I too haven’t heard of. Sounds ok though 🙂

As for your comment, I’m not about to block you because what you said is what you think and I actually appreciate you having the balls to say what you think 🙂 if more people were honest like you the world would be a better place and what happened may not have happened 🙂 so thank you.

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Christine’s gravatar

Liz! You have no idea how happy I was that you won this. I couldn’t wait to hear what you had to say about the product!! I’m glad it was tasty and you enjoyed it and I too will be experimenting with baking in the future so we’ll have to compare notes. <333

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tiff’s gravatar

Great review Liz! You make it sound so delicious which I’m sure it is. 🙂 I also think the name of this product is perfect.

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Liv’s gravatar

I don’t eat peanut butter, but I will tell you I’m glad you found a food you can enjoy. It does not seem easy. Even for me, an annoying picky eater, it was hard to finally settle on Whole Milk. Half Milk makes me sick and I don’t like Silk. Not that I’m crazy about Whole Milk either, but if my dad forces me to drink milk that’s the solution.

I love the name Sunbutter – it’s short and effective. I am “creating” a food product in my copywriting class and my group gave it a simple and obvious name like that.

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Leanne’s gravatar

My boyfriend tells me I’m a picky eater. I don’t think so :oP

It must be difficult to have food allergies. I see patients come into hospital with allergic reactions because they don’t realise what they ate had their allergy in it.

I’m glad you’ve found an alternative which tastes just as good!

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definelulu’s gravatar

My system likes to completely change what I am allergic to every few years. I went through a period where there was almost nothing I could eat. I am a cheese addict and was completely bummed that I couldn’t eat cheese.

During that time, I got addicted to this product called: Tofutti Cream cheese. The taste and texture is no different than cream cheese.

This is the ingredients list:
Water, expeller processed natural oil blend (soybean, palm fruit and olive), maltodextrin, soy protein, tofu, nondairy lactic acid, blend of natural gums (locust bean, guar, cellulose, xantham, and carrageenan), organic sugar, veg. mono and diglycerides, salt.

Maybe it’s a product you can try?!

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Liza’s gravatar

@definelulu, thanks for the suggestion, but I can’t have maltodextrin because it contains yeast or mold in some form. 😡

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