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Granny needs a hobby

Yesterday, an elderly lady was obsessed with me. And with Charlise. And with our towel agenda. […]

The falling out

This is the story of the catalyst leading to the estrangement between my mom and me. It was, for better or for worse, the point of no return. Of everything else that transpired between us all, we could have gone back. We couldn't after this. […]

Verbal communication, autism and sensory overload

In which I try to adequately explained how I'm not verbal by choice, but rather as a way of survival, and would instead prefer a world in which signing instead of verbalizing my words and using my literal voice was more acceptable. […]

Review: Perfectly Posh

Do you know how uh-mazing it is to bathe with soap and not itch like you've been bitten by a gazillion ants? I never knew such a luxury was possible. […]

Liz Lately #21

I've played with "Liz Lately" before, and lately, I've felt it fits more than my "Life Update" posts. I've only spent three years contemplating whether I should use it regularly, so here goes. ? This update covers: A brief blurb of the relief I feel having changed to Janepedia The case of my potentially stolen identity ? And talk of an upcoming virtual book club […]

Alcohol, coffee and autism

In which I ponder whether alcohol and coffee make me feel a billion times more autistic than I've ever imagined possible, in addition to whether this is how allistic people feel when caffeinated/drunk. I mean, what DOES drunkenness feel like? I googled it and only got articles about dancing with others, etc.—not feeling like you've overdosed and laughing gas and feel totally amazeballs as you're extra-stim-y. […]

Explore DFW: Houlihan’s meets Inspiralized

Houlihan's is a diverse healthy alternative to dining out. Their teamwork is a blast to watch, their Parmesan Frites are great, and their service is fast. ...and who can beat food puns and a free cookie? […]

2016 Austin trip

I decided to split my posts about Austin into two parts. I didn't talk about everything, but I can always include it in the future or something (or you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, whereon I share pieces of my life I find too short to put in a post on their own ?). Whilst I did optimize the photographs in this post for the web, it may still be picture-heavy […]

Why I blog about being autistic

I never thought I'd personally meet an anti-gay company, who couldn't even mention the fact that they were . Since anti-gay people tend to get as passionate as anti-autism people, I decided to officially address the reason I blog about my own autism, as well as why this is unlikely to change anytime soon. […]

Lizard Finds vol. 3

Stuff about autism, a blog conference, 'Liz and 'Code', and how I'm officially a GFAF Expo blogger for the second time in a row.

La, la, la, ti-dah-dum. […]

Passport to Healthy Skin Tour: Dallas Recap

A recap on the event/thing I attended. 'Twas an aspie, I would've preferred a little more preparation, but whatever. I think my drawing entry was pulled out because the lady didn't believe me when I said I was at least 18 years old..._.- […]