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“Site Modeling”

I used to take pictures of myself for fun.

I used to be one of those “preppy” websites.

You know, the ones who offer MySpace resources and “resource website resources”1? Yeah.

Don’t believe me? I didn’t think you would. Here. I decided I didn’t want to do one of those vectors, but hopefully you will get the point:

If you are smart, you will click it to see it full-size. Make sure you read the small text. There’s a point, I promise. I substituted bang and boom for curse words. Yeah, I thought of everything.

Anyway, here’s the messages. I’m not sugarcoating anything/adding anything to my screenshots. I’m making it fair.

However, I don’t have the chat saved from when I was asked to take said picture and I said I would. I said that I would, but this is before I went to the hospital.

Should I take the picture? Or should I just not. But then he’s going to just freaking assume that I’m a “liar”.

If you don’t know what site modeling is, then just … look it up. I don’t feel like explaining. >.< I took pictures, people liked my pictures, I decided to let them use them. There’s a girl in England and in Spain who looks a LOT like me, and so… Yeah. -.- I just quit doing that crap crab.

I knew I never should have let people use me for signs. Nor join (which I did only because Emma had joined it). :/

  1. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Resource website resources.

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I am assuming that is Matt… He’s a damn immature thief!

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Figured as much. I’ve been saying the same thing about these resource sites for quite some time now. Good to see someone else gets it.

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@Alice, Yeah, I made sure to make a “sign” like they would, too. 😛

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I sort of got interested in being a site model but I don’t think I’d really bother. Sounds like that girl was really bitchy, though. She was selfish for putting her own unimportant needs over your own health. It wasn’t fair at all. I wonder if the whole community with those kinds of websites are like that. :/

I never had one of those kinds of websites. I had a pixel website with all these little pixels and “reads”. The “reads” were so unoriginal though. People can’t really believe me when I tell them what my site was like and show them pictures. I don’t have patience for pixelling anymore, it just takes a lot of time to do any kind of pixel art. 🙁

I make visitor content for other people when it comes to themes. I know people can use them. As for other content, I don’t think people use them but I feel good making some tutorials and things, since some people do like them. 😛

My best friend has an ovarian cyst. 🙁 Her condition isn’t as bad as yours, but I know what it’s like from her point of view. hugs

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Okay love, don’t do it, its a waste of time to even take a picture for matt and yess it is matt, he is so rude and thinks the world revolves arount him. He only thinks of himself obviously he didnt care that you were sick so i don’t think its even worth it. Just drop him he’s a complete ass!!!!

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First, may I comment on the fact that this girl cannot spell? “Tommarrow”? Seriously?

This girl is overall very rude though. She is not only very hard to understand, but its not like she’s paying you to do this. So who says that you have to do this at all? You don’t even have to give her the time of day! You did though and she doesn’t even appreciate it. That’s very sad.

I just can’t get over how demanding this girl is. You’re doing her a favor and she’s just demanding you get it done. We all know that you’ve been sick and she doesn’t even care. (I do hope that you feel better soon, by the way.)

This boy/girl/whatever, is just ridiculous! She’s calling you a liar and saying that you told her that you would do this. You said that you would try. Honestly, excuse my language, but I would tell her to fuck off and do it herself. You don’t deserve this hell. She’s not worth it. You never promised her that you would do this. You said that you would try. She doesn’t seem to understand what that means.

I would just tell her to forget it. This is crap. I’ve never heard anything as ridiculous as this. This girl is immature and would drive me crazy. So I can only imagine how you feel! I wouldn’t do anything for this person. They don’t appreciate it and that’s just not fair to you. They’re not worth the hassle that they’re putting you through. 🙁

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