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You know what I could live without? That loud “POP!” whenever I open a roll of refrigerator biscuits. I hate that. I never know exactly when it’s going to do such an awful thing, and when it happens I squeal out a quick and sudden “Ah!”

Anyway, this song is amazing, and it defines everything I’m feeling right now. Enjoy.


  1. Gel on

    It’s the first time i’ve heard of that song and it’s pretty good alright! Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂 As for my pet peeves, I hate the screeching sounds on the side of a bottle of coke :s Aahhh just thinking about it gives me shivers!

    1. Liz on

      I still am! I always squeal when it happens! I hate opening things like that because they always make my heart race. 🙁

  2. Mandie on

    OMFG refrigerator biscuits. They are sooo good, frig. I want some now, I toootally think I’m going to go to the store after work and buy some..!! =)

  3. Dipika on

    Ah I have never heard this song before but I love it now…thanks for sharing. I like when I can find a song that describes what I am feeling exactly. I will listen to the same song over and over and then I will feel as if I am in a movie XD.

  4. Tiffany on

    I am actually listening to that song right now. I love it so much! Even though I have never experienced an eating disorder, I was depressed for a while so i can relate to this song. I really hope your life gets better and everything works out for the better 🙂 Just remember to stay strong no matter what! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 Feel better Liz! (I read part of your last blog post) and I don’t like that sound either, nor when the microwave is done. It scares me so much. lol

    haha thanks for the advice. Yea I do not want to seem desperate either. I just want to get a job just to have some extra cash.

    1. Liz on

      I actually need a job because I really do need a job. 🙁 But school’s starting up, so hopefully I’ll be able to go about that and do such things of the like! 🙂

      …I actually don’t have an eating disorder. o.o

  5. Georgina on

    I haven’t heard this song before but I’ve heard other people talk about it. It’s quite nice, I love the lyrics. Never really been a fan of Demi, haha.

    I don’t really get that popping sound when I open a roll of biscuits. 😛 I guess I’m lucky?

    You’re welcome. 😀 I hate staying up late – I usually don’t mind, then I regret it. I usually just do site stuff or return comments or something, which, until the wee hours of the morning, isn’t a wise thing to do.

    It isn’t horrible at all. hugs I am often happiest when I’m away, too. Just getting away from the home life feels good. I like being with friends more, or even just away. I don’t mind my own company but I think the person’s company I enjoy the most is James’s.

    I know what you mean, and that’s how I felt too. When I didn’t have a domain I sort of admired those people who had many, and I wanted to have a good bunch too. I didn’t think it would be that hard letting go of a domain, especially after reading people’s stories. When I had a lot of my own, I definitely felt it. And I didn’t think they were that expensive but now it’s starting to dawn on me so I need to stop.

    I remember the days when I had 20 domains, I’m glad I’m down to nine now. It’s still a lot but it’s just enough for me. 😀 I’ve seen people judge people for domains as well, just because they dislike the extension or just have some other way of judging. People seem to hate .infos. I don’t mind them, but they are pretty cheap everywhere so it just gives me the impression that anyone can afford one for themselves!

    Glassfields is a bit random. But it’s random and personal; the only sense it is like a Tumblr blog is that it’s random. I said it was an organised version of one… Tumblr tends to be a shit dump 😛

    Take care! <3

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