Snakes, Parties + “Mud”

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Moments ago I asked my mom about Carrie’s Halloween party (age six, first grade). It’s the second day of the second week of October, and I’m sure we only have about two weeks to make this happen. What fun!

Speaking of parties, about two hours ago my mom and I were trying to herd the miniature donkeys back onto the farm instead of our neighbor’s. Shaking a bucket of feed and yelling, “Come on,” we ended up gathering the horses first. Even though only six had come (the other four were in another pasture), we had to go back to the barn and put them into stalls and such.

Remember my post yesterday? I’m sure you all know that rain hitting dirt creates mud, and well, on a farm … You don’t always know what is in that mud, so you do NOT want to step in it. Do you get what I’m saying? I hope so.

My mom and I were in flip-flops this entire time. Let’s just say that I’m not wearing flip-flops out there again. I’ll stick to my cute little rounded toe boots that my mom thinks don’t deserve to be called boots – they feel almost the same way a tennis shoe feels inside!

We were using the gator as transportation. The pasture is huge, and it’s better than having to constantly watch before you step – snakes, duh!

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Living here I have realized just how different the country life is from the city life. Did you know that people who live in the country worry less than city folk? I’m serious. >.< Yeah, I still worry, but if you tell someone around here that you hear a gun shot, they’ll most likely reply, “I’m sure they’re shootin’ at a coyote or a snake or a hog or somethin’.” They’re so laid back. o.o

I find it funny when I update my status on Facebook saying that I saw a snake, or something along those lines. You know, status updates that would only come to mind and actually be posted if you were currently or lived on a farm. A lot of my friends freak out; I don’t think they realize that that is my everyday life.

Snakes are more common during the spring, though. Since, you know … IT’S SPRING!!!!! Babies are born. Animals come out of hibernation.

I think I am going to change my nickname. I am SO tired of my first name (Sarah) and my nickname (Liz). So what did I do? I looked up unique nicknames for Elizabeth, my middle name! 😛 Here are the ones I like most:

  • Sabby
  • Ebby
  • Lissy
  • Liddy
  • Libby
  • Lisabay
  • Izzie

I have went by Libby a little bit before, but I don’t think I could really do it again. I don’t know, to be honest. ._.

With my little research, I learned that Isabelle (or Isabel), Belle and Bella are also nicknames/names that can come from Elizabeth. I don’t think I could go by Bella or Belle, though. That’s WAY too girly for me. >.< YUCK!

Sabby would make sense, though. It could be a combination of Sarah and Elizabeth. What do you think? Do you ever get tired of your name? 😐 I’m not just tired of my name anymore, though – I’m annoyed.


  1. Caity on

    Yeah. Farms can be really yucky. I got my brand new shoes dirty when I went to go visit my brotherinlaw on a farm. Cow poop is NOT cool.

    Don’t call yourself Bella. Good. I like Lissy and Izzie. What about Beth? I used to call my friend Lizbeth. 🙂

  2. nancy on

    Would you like to have blog exchanges? :D! And be friends? :P!

    :O! Ooooh when theres mud in the farm, it could be several other things :P I get the saying!! :D :D :D. I dont encounter snakes too much so its different for all of us :P! Some things that are normal for us aren`t for others. But I love the differences. Bella is an overused name thanks to Twilight. And their series. Libby is a cute name :D!

  3. Farhana on

    How comes your moved to the countryside? I’d love to live in the countryside some day! I hate living in the city it’s just too busy, loud and crazy for me but at the same time I’ve never come across a snake in my life before. I think maybe I’d be better off somewhere in between haha.

    I like Izzie for a nickname!

  4. Isi on

    They really do make the most amazing friends. I had a gay guy friend but then he moved so now it’s just girls. 😀 Can i call you Sabby? I like it. 😀

    I would love to see what the country is like. We’re actually studying that in Spanish. Country vs cities. I want to go some day and live there for like a month. Good thing I’m not a little barbie who’s scared to get dirty lol.

    Okay snakes and I do not go together. That crap scare me!

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