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Spring Break List of “Goals”

My updates are going to be more scarce (about one update per week, at least). Though next week is Spring Break, the kids have next week off as well, and I have made a list of “projects” to keep me busy instead of going over to my mom’s house and getting online. I don’t want fights, drama, etc. next week, you know? I have noticed when my mom and I fight, my grades’ slope is negative.1 🙁

Please note that I changed my theme because the moon one does not support numbered bullet lists. :/ 2

Anyway, I finally figured out how to do footnotes!3

  1. Pretty up the backyard

    It has not been pretty for a long time. 🙁 Mimi bought some Snap Dragons and Mint plants. It is going to rain tonight, but I can plant them this weekend/next week. First the backyard needs to be cleaned up, though. We are going with plants that come up on their own every year.4

  2. Clean out & organize the pantry/cabinet

    It’s quite messy and unorganized. 🙁

  3. Write at least 500 words a day

    I need to get out of this writer’s block!

  4. Hang out outside more

    It’s beginning to get a lot prettier now. :love:

  5. Clean & organize my room

    I am wanting to rearrange some things. Also, I lost my USB cord for my camera. My camera has been dead for a long time5, and I would love to be able to use it! Finding that cord is a top priority to me!!!6

  6. Bake

    I have a cookbook full of sweets that look delicious, but I’ve not baked any of them yet.

  7. Read

    I need to read more…

Aside from that, I am looking for a job. Mrs. Henson7 e-mailed me today about a lady wanting an aide in the Financial Aid office at school. Tomorrow I am hoping that I will be able to go and talk to her after class! ^^

I probably won’t update next week.

My hosting website will not “officially” open for a while because I won’t be able to work on it/get online for I don’t know how long. However, I am still accepting and taking in applications for hostees. Just shoot me an e-mail.

  1. A negative slope goes down left to right.
  2. Besides, I am slightly favoring this theme more because it’s, like – like spring! However, the italics and bold I am not too fond of.
  3. Which means that I will be using these for probably no reason at all for a while until I find it old.
  4. That way we do not have to keep replanting them!
  5. November-ish 2010
  6. This is why you have not seen any new pictures I have taken yet. It sucks. I could have taken a picture of Todd on the roof, Annie cleaning Ruby and more.
  7. Cherie Henson; my speech teacher

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Good use of foot notes I suppose. I never really saw a use for them. Sorry to hear that you and your mother are not getting along. = maybe things will eventually work themselves out.

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I love nice weather! It makes me happy. Also, baking is super satisfying no matter when you do it.

I hope that you can get the job! Getting a job is always exciting.

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I created a theme for a friend and I just told her to email me back if anything was wrong. There were a few things I didn’t style because I didn’t think she’d use them or I didn’t know the widgets/classes she used. Bulleted lists are a must though!

I wish I could write 500 words a day; my blogs are 500 words long, sometimes more, and I do that every second day. I want to pick up my novel again but I haven’t had the time.

It’s starting to get cooler now but it’s good weather to go outside. I prefer it to the heat. The heat here is always very extreme.

When I go through a rough patch it’s usually because I argue with my mum. I don’t notice my grades slipping but I am always in a horrible mood and I get so, so much more stressed out.

Yes, the quotes in the footer are lyrics from Ben Jorgensen’s songs. 🙂
I hate waiting for new episodes. That’s one of the reasons I never watch television shows anymore. It’s painful to wait, and I just want everything right there on a DVD or something, so I can watch at my own pace.

I’m surprised you didn’t think of moderating comments earlier! I hope it keeps you on the ball. 🙂

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Those are some great goals you have. I love the idea of planting some flowers and herbs like the Mint. (Is Mint an herb!?!). I always loved working in the garden. It’s super relaxing. Keep us posted on the job at the financial aid office too. I hope that you get it. PS – How did you do on the paper I edited for you?

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Your list looks alot like mine. Except, I should probably clean out my closets because I tend to shove everything in the when I’m cleaning in a rush…

Btw, if you look at my blog, you’ll see that I’m awarding you one of my art prints =] I just need your info.

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I hope you accomplish most, if not all, of those goals. <3

I'm planning on cleaning my room before we leave to go to Ohio tomorrow. 🙂

I love your smilies by the way. Where did you get them? Did you make them?

I can't wait to see your hosting site! 🙂

By the way, your smilies show up below and above your comment form. 😛

I'm about to take them tomorrow and I know I will. They are going to be the easiest things in the world. <3

True. High school isn't that hard but it is high school…

I have nothing to save which is the problem. Since I am used to getting so much per paycheck I spend a lot more than I can with only minimum wage.
I literally BARELY make $100 when I only work 14 hours. I made close to $200 when I worked 14 hours before so it is a huge difference.

I'm about to make a new one before I leave. I'm not too fond of this one. 😛
When I asked about the layout in general I meant on any website. 😛

& ehhh. IE users suck anyway. I'm too lazy to make my layouts work with IE.

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@Erin Nicole, Thanks! I do plan on finishing at least the gardening over spring break! Oh – And you know, finding my UsB cord! xD The smilies are from It says so in my credits on my links/other links page. It is quite cute; it’s I was/am hosting a domain giveaway + hosting but I can’t log onto it and keep up with it/advertise it much. 🙁 Grr. // Well, I’m sure you can save something. o.o Make a budget? I don’# know. I have some friends who always spned their money & others that never do. I do, but I have a budget. o.o //I see. Well, I can’t think of whose layout I love right now. I guess I’d have to say mine. Georgina made it. But yeahh. 😛 I love itx Butit’s still better when the theme looks the same in all browsers. In Safari, there’ss a border, too. :/ However, I’m not a fan of Safari/IE. lol.

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I so wish I had somewhere to plant stuff 🙁 Planters would work, yes, but it’s not the same as a cute little garden!

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Meh, It’s just really frustrating playing the game so much and never winning but, I have been reading on a few different pages about methods to kinda help out with the process. I suppose that will help me with it when I get back in the mood to actually play it though.

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Thanks! I’m so excited 😀 I go May 3rd to the 9th. btw, Snap Dragons are my favorite of all flowers (:

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I am glad you like the layout I made! hugs <3 As for the widgetising, I think it works the same way. I don't remember, and I can't look because I'm not on my own computer right now. You can just widgetise the section in the footer… do you remember my Love Is layout? Only one of the three columns was widgetised to put in the recent posts. It is, however, possible to make one widget = one box. I can't really explain but at my tutorial, keep an eye on the functions.php file, because you can put the ‘before widget’ and ‘after widget’ as the outsides of the divs for each section. I’m sorry, I’m really horrid at explaining.

Ah I hate when people ask me for help on my blog. This girl did it so rudely on one of my blogs, then proceeded to ask ‘how was I supposed to know this was a blog’. She was just downright rude and I get a few comments like that – I did get heaps more before. But it is really annoying.

I’ve made some custom themes for people for some amount of money. 🙂 You can ask me if you ever need.

Because Wikipedia is maintained by a lot of people and people collaborate, it can’t always be a trustworthy source! The cited links at the bottom usually are. 🙂

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I am still alive. And I have fallen in love with these emoticons. :love: :love:
And I like the layout. The clouds are springy and they make me smile. I would love to enter the domain giveaway but I need a Namecheap account. Which I don’t have. Can I create an account without buying anything? Sorry, I am a bit clueless about these things. /ask
Good luck with your goals! My exams ended yesterday and I have this huge list of things which I have to get done and which I had delayed due to my exams. Make a memory box, buy a gift for my best friend, reply to comments, et al.
I have a resolution of writing 1000 words a day. It takes me about 1-2 hours, but since I have nothing to do, I thought I’d catch up with my writing. Good luck to both of us. 🙂 😛

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I am sorry I forgot to reply to your comment. Here goes:

Thank you! I like it. I like scrapbooks. 🙂
I usually like most books, but there are some that just drive me crazy. And I can’t find a single good thing to say about them. There was this recent book I read, in which the heroine’s brother was gay. Now, usually, I don’t have a problem with homosexuality, but in that book, the heroine’s brother made out with another guy and three dozen times, and every time, it was described in great detail. It was the first time I read or came across such a thing, so I didn’t feel so well about it.
Whenever you do the rant/review thing on The Dirt on Dating, let me know. I’d love to check it out. xD

Yeah, the-vault was displaying only the cached version, God knows why. Anyway, we have moved! Check us out:
Would love to hear your comments. 🙂

Aw, I’d love to autograph it. Right now, only my cousins and family come up to me for an autograph. So I am dying to autograph a book. 😛 Hugs If I ever come to the States, and especially Texas, I’d definitely look you up. I have never met a pen-friend before. Have you?
It ought to be fun.

Author’s gravatar

I charge $20-$25 for a custom theme, but I can charge less if the person wants something more similar to something I’ve already got. People have been happy to pay that price so far. 🙂

It was Friday when you commented! It’s past midnight now though, so it’s technically Saturday.

Good luck finding flower emoticons! I might try making them one day, that definitely gave me an idea. I don’t think I’d do such a good job though. 😛

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I never used footnotes. Is it a plugin in wordpress? And and I want to make my backyard pretty too. I am tired of seeing snow=/ Actually it is more the front yard. I use to plant flowers. I should plant some this spring. I also want to read and bake too. I should learn how to cook. I want to exercise more and be in shape, like I was the past two summers.

I don’t really like twitter. I know most teachers have random blogs and websites. A lot of them have wikispace. Some of my teachers have them, only one has it this year. (that teacher lol) As long as my teachers can e-mail fast I am fine. I hate the ones who still do not use e-mail. I believe e-mail is a good way to communicate with teachers. When I graduate I’ll probably add them. I want to stay in contact with some of them when I am gone.

haha he looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt (500 days of summer) lol Or at least that’s what everyone says my teacher looks like.

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Gah! I definitely need to get out of this writers block as well! It really sucks when you have so much to say but don’t really know how to say everything you want to say.

I most definitely need to make a list myself so that I can get more organized. I have this problem where the only way I can get on track and be on schedule and stuff is organize my WHOLE LIFE, my blogging, my work schedule, cleaning my house. All things that help me get organized.

You’ve inspired me.

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@Adrian, I’m happy I could be of inspiration to you. (:

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Good luck getting these goals accomplished. I think I can start getting our patio back together since I don’t think it will be snowing anytime soon.

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Oh, spring with your joy, I am happy~

Good luck with your goals, I hope you accomplish them 😀 They sound like stuff I should be doing too…

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Aww your goals sound so carefree and happy haha, nice for spring. But I have no goals. My friends are home for spring break but I do not get a break from work. So I’ll be stuck at work like usual. No spring happiness for me.

Ohhh you mean Acronyms? Well then you wouldn’t need to use the abbr code haha. But hey it works for FanUpdate so I’m cool.

My mom would NOT agree to babysitting, and of course I’m no caretaker. College counselor/advisor? I’m not in college lol. My volunteering isn’t official though so I doubt I can qualify. I’m just going on vacation with a friend and helping her aunt. Well if I get to go that is. D=

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Thanks! I really love them and cant wait for nice weather so i can finally wear them 🙂

Those sound like great spring goals.I plan to do a lot of reading and baking and going outside as well. But i cant eat gluten so baking is a little more tricky. But i love to do it anyways

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Yep, my exams went pretty well. But the result isn’t till April so I have about a month to chill out. I am not going to take tension. Much. /blush
Scrapbook giveaway? Lol, sounds interesting.

I think the book was Can’t Stand The Heat by Louisa Edwards. Yes, I have heard that its common there. In India, its not so much. We are a backward nation that way. I remember there was this girl in class 5 or 6 who was homosexual. At that age, I didn’t even know what that meant. I just thought she was weird. The worst thing was, we were really good friends, and when everyone started saying that she “likes” me (in that way), I freaked out and stopped talking to her. I hurt her with my insensitivity and acted like a fool. I still cringe at it. I wish I could remedy it now.
Yep, The Vault now runs on WordPress. WP makes life so much more easier, don’t you think?

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Oh that’s silly. 🙁 I know sometimes I want to save money, and people have often called me stingy. :/ My mum has become more strict with saving electricity, making us turn off the lights when we aren’t in the room, making us save water by putting it in a bucket until the warm/hot water comes out… that kind of thing. I like being green when it’s possible. 🙂 I especially feel for recycling, because I feel bad about throwing paper in the bin when it’s half blank or something like that.

Haha I used the envelopes only recently! :3 I am really happy that I have found a use for my mail. Because usually I file the contents of the mail in a folder, and I don’t know what to do with the envelopes. They are great for to-do lists.

Oh haha, I didn’t know. 🙂 Some people thought $25 was too much, someone said it was absolutely affordable and thanked me for fixing up the problems she came across even when I was done.

S’okay! Anyway I’m really glad you like this sky theme. I want to make some more – pink, yellow, and black, since I’ve already got purple, blue, green and orange. I guess that’s why I called it the pastel collection. The black won’t be part of it, but yeah. XD I want to make some similar ones. 😛

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I’m beyond sorry for not being able to respond to many of your comments! My grades needed to be pulled up so I was off the internet for a while voluntarily, then my internet screwed up majorly (hence the no recent blogging) and I was off the internet for an even longer while involuntarily. ):

You are applauded for your spring goals! I envy the fact that you have the determination to do all of those things! I should really think about making a mental list of goals for me this spring too, I just have so many things going on and it’s hard to keep them all organized!

I’m also looking for a job, but I’m having less luck than you. x.x Ahh well though, congrats on the potential job! (: I hope you get to work something out and things turn out well for you!

Wow, we have back-to-back birthdays! (: How old will you be turning? I would absolutely love to wish you a happy birthday and I will if I can that day, but it is also the day of my prom and I most likely won’t have internet access that day nor time to even turn a computer on! Haha. /blush I do wish you a happy early birthday though!!

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Yes sadly i am. I just learned i was this January so its still new for me. I hate it but i have no choice. At least the foods still good. Just more expensive and harder to come by.

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Thanks! So far it’s been good 🙂

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