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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a survey. I don’t say this with knowledge of how long since, I just figure it’s been, like, forever. I don’t remember when the last time was (nor does it matter now).

I intend to blog differently in 2019—not because I’m procrastinating, but because it’s December and this month always feels like inching up the hill of the fucking Titan roller coaster (my first Big Kid roller coaster when I was in middle school or so; still traumatized), all the while anticipating the downhill drop. It leaves me grossly anxious, especially since it starts on Halloween. Unlike on the roller coaster, I don’t feel like I’m gonna throw up my stomach if I don’t scream. Silver lining and all.

I used Typeform ’cause it’s AWESOME. Anonymity is welcome and all, but feel free to include your name if you ask a Q and want a shout-out! (Plus your URL if I don’t know it.)

The form is embedded in this post below, but if you experience complications, it’s accessible here:



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Just answered the survey xx I know what you mean about the end of the year always feeling like a bit deal…

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