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6birds was a domain I purchased without putting much thought into it in early February 2010. There isn’t an interesting story to it, and whilst I love various types of birds, I’m not at all obsessed with them to the point that I could create an entire blog dedicated to them. However, “6birds” is comprised of six characters, so I suppose the name kinda works out all on its own, anyway.

I later registered sixbirds.net, but let it go because of redundancy.

6birds has since been rebranded to janepedia.com.

Happy birthday to my blog! In this post, I reflect on seven years of consecutive blogging, then share some things I’ve learned.

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that changing from 6birds.net to janepedia.com is for the best. 6birds and I have had many memories, but I don’t feel he represents me well anymore. (Yes, 6birds is male.)

I actually have recipes I need to post. I just wanted to convert my existing recipe posts from using plugins to being manually coded into the posts before I went and published the other posts. This took a priority not only because of my personal preferences, but for better performance as well, even more so because not every post is a recipe post.

By using shortcodes, I was able to make sure WordPress won’t cut off any HTML after publishing and/or when I go into a post later to update it.

My experience with a popular review site, which pitched me to sign up and fiddle around a bit anyway. Considering it didn’t go well, I’m rather appalled.

I scratched ‘Liz and Code’, obviously. This is another attempt at be just being myself. It’s hard, okay?

In which I share my cute biz cards for ‘That Jane Girl’ and explain my sucky situation with my laptop’s keyboard.