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I was diagnosed with allergies in 2013 when I came back from visiting family and wasn’t getting any better. My allergy diagnostics changed my life, but brought new challenges regarding my eating disorder.

My auto-injector is carried with me everywhere.

It’s my party, and I’ll eat a whole box of allergy-friendly snickerdoodle cookies if I want to.~

Do you know how uh-mazing it is to bathe with soap and not itch like you’ve been bitten by a gazillion ants? I never knew such a luxury was possible.
Image of Perfectly Posh samples (listed below)

It’s here! This post took me a while, and I decided to try either a) featuring or b) making note of my favorites, or at least the ones I feel would really benefit peeps following nut-free diets.

The GFAF Expo is my #1 source of learning about up-and-coming nut-free companies and products. All brands featured in this post are nut-free, or at least carry nut-free options. I also emailed the companies for clarification, for both my curiosity and readers’ convenience.

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As a tribute to 6birds, and also to force myself to creatively think within certain limits, I’ve changed my link love post series to “Saturday Six”. :3

In an attempt to celebrate the small (and big) achievements of mine, I’m doing an “Achievements Unlocked” series of sorts, to which I’ll add over time. I’ve mentioned my memory problem before, but I’m also hoping this will help with some insecurities of mine. It works as a title, because I do play The Sims […]

In which I catch a cold shortly after attending the Dallas GFAF Expo. But really, how does one catch a cold?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a smaller version of an EpiPen that got the job done just as nicely?