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While I dislike coding, anything code-related will be tagged appropriately.

I taught myself how to code, but am also relearning. You can find me on Github.

The support for WordPress’s Gutenberg editor meets the definition of ableism in the grossest way possible, and I’ve argued with non-autistics about autism representation before.

I’m not one to share my goals—this is different. (I think.) I’m already in the progress of accomplishing these things.

A screenshot of my custom WP login screen; it matches my theme.
This is a tutorial post walking you through how to customise your WordPress login page any way you want. You need to have FTP or cPanel access; if you don’t know what those are, you probably lack access and cannot customise your WordPress as you wish (like I have done with my login page).

This is the story about how a minor special interest ceased to exist as any interest. I’ve also shared how exactly I learned to code and taught myself, and give a little more background to my bleak childhood.

I actually have recipes I need to post. I just wanted to convert my existing recipe posts from using plugins to being manually coded into the posts before I went and published the other posts. This took a priority not only because of my personal preferences, but for better performance as well, even more so because not every post is a recipe post.

By using shortcodes, I was able to make sure WordPress won’t cut off any HTML after publishing and/or when I go into a post later to update it.