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I attended one semester of college, beginning January 2011 and ending May 2011. The posts in this tag reflect that time.

Looking back, I feel as though my depression, PTSD and dissociative identity disorder began to come out into the open. There are subtle differences in the blog posts then that are obvious to me now, what with being aware of the differences between some of my alters.

As a result, and due to health matters that caused me to walk out on a final and skip another, my grades slipped. I was put on financial aid probation, and FAFSA was my ticket to attending college. Mimi did offer to pay in the years after, but the major would then not be something I chose.

Since this experience, I have matured and explored alternative routes. I practice unschooling and have a fuck college attitude.

It’s me versus the world, you guys. Always has been, always will be.

(Obviously, I’m kidding.)

It’s 2017, yet institutionalized education after high school is still being pushed by many authorities—and if you’re not in college or didn’t go, the lack of such institutionalized learning is used as an insult.

Education is an important topic to me, and I’ve finally been able to put into words my feelings about further education. The thing is, no longer attending school does not mark the end of learning. Learning is everywhere. This is the first post I’m sharing in regards to how I continue to learn—and push myself to do so—without college.

I saw my first shooting star last night on the way home. At first I thought it was an airplane falling from the sky or something, but it disappeared. It was really cool, because people always talk about seeing them – and I always miss it. It happens so fast. Once you see it, it […]

This is a super-long entry. You either read all of it, or you just don’t read any of it at all. I’m not writing this all out just for it to be ignored. People don’t listen to me much anymore, and I wanna be heard, dang it. -.- It may be similar to a novel […]

It is only Tuesday. I have six complete work days to overcome until my next day off: Monday. Work-wise, I am very flexible. I am available at any time of the day, week and month – even holidays. I am thanking God for Wal-Mart being closed on Christmas. I can only imagine how much chaos […]

Butterscotch (the flavoring) annoys me to its fullest potential. I mean, it’s so insanely annoying because it just lasts and lasts and lasts. Surprisingly enough there has yet to be a gum flavor consisting of butterscotch in its majority flavoring thing, and if it happens anytime in the future, I am SO claiming that idea. […]

When Stephanie started this on her blog, it made me want to do it. I’m just now finding the actual writing want to do it. I’ll most likely struggle to find most of the “answers” to this meme, but I want to challenge myself. I mean, hello! College is about a month away, and I need […]

Internet went out the other day. You know, two days after I last blogged. I was going to blog two days after I last blogged. At least I am still on an even day. It doesn’t really mess much up. We’re switching Internet companies. As far as school goes, everything is too crazy to blog […]