Tag: A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is an occasional column in which I share bits from days in my life.

Previously, ADITL was a monthly linkup, wherein about bloggers documenting their daily lives once a month, be it using text, video, illustration—anything. The linkup was started by Manda in 2014, then passed down to Georgie in 2015. Georgie passed it on to me in 2017 (and also made a year’s worth of pretty graphics for me!).

As of 2018, I contribute to it as I feel like it—no responsibilities beyond that of having fun with it!

Yesterday, an elderly lady was obsessed with me. And with Charlise. And with our towel agenda.

Banner for 'A Day in the Life': July 2017
This month’s edition of A Day in the Life reveals my day in four parts—morning, noon, evening, night.