Tag: deceased projects

Deceased projects are those which I have, for whatever reason, dropped.

Moving forward, I aim to live my life and only participate in projects I truly believe in or feel fit my abilities and limitations. Because at the end of the day, I don’t want the same things others want. I want to inspire and move mountains and help end stigma surrounding certain subjects.

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The perk of having Allergic Liza, an allergy-related blog, was that people wanted to see more food-related posts from me — and food blogs are fun, and what better way, right? I like foods blogs. I wanted a food blog. I still want one. Others have actually been asking about me having one since I shut allergicliza.me down. The […]

I sign myself up for too many projects at once. I have great ideas for them, but I want to finish them all at the same time and not have to wait on them to be finished. And I tell people about them, and that adds pressure. I grew up on impulse actions and having […]

I recently joined a message board Christine told me about. It’s Twist MB1, and it’s TCG-based. I’ve considered opening a forum that’s TCG-based, but I’m not exactly up for that at the moment considering I have a total of three online trading card games: Spree, Capture and Zest. I posted a thread for 6birds in […]

I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Even if it’s something pertaining to the Internet, I still did it. Although I was raised that bragging is “eh” and that bragging about something Internet/computer related is even more “eh”, I think that bragging about something that boosts/boosted my self-esteem in accomplishing […]

It’s been a while since I’ve given people a list of random facts and opinions pertaining to myself, so I figured I’d try to dig up something new for you all to know, especially if you happened to have read my attempt at the 100 facts about me meme way back when. I like green […]

So, if you dislike this one, fine. However, the little icons are actually text. I used Fontfabric and Raphaël Icon-Set. Although it’s colorful, I listened to rock music whilst creating this, mostly Family Force 5 and Sixx:AM. Zombie, My Favorite Things, Skin and This Is Gonna Hurt greatly inspired it. :p All of the colors in […]

I didn’t think it was possible to make a theme I’d love more than I love Effy. To be honest, I didn’t even expect to love this one. I was already planning for it to look like shit. Oddly, though, when I actually begin to create something, it never looks like what it did in my […]

Little does pretty much everyone know, the layouts I’m working on for my sites are being named after Skins characters. Each layout kind of portrays/represents a character from Skins personality at one time. This one represents Cassie and what Maxxie (or Anwar, I can’t tell) says about her – “I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid”. […]