Tag: deceased projects

Deceased projects are those which I have, for whatever reason, dropped.

Moving forward, I aim to live my life and only participate in projects I truly believe in or feel fit my abilities and limitations. Because at the end of the day, I don’t want the same things others want. I want to inspire and move mountains and help end stigma surrounding certain subjects.

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Basically, I got hacked again, and I lost all my recent posts – including the Goodbye, Seek Liza one. It’s really frustrating, but blah. Oh well. I’m moving the posts and attachments to one WordPress for convenience so I can at least somewhat start over on 6birds. It’ll be like starting fresh, but I’ll still […]

I got Hope Fades up. The way I originally wanted it to look wouldn’t work. This one is kind of the same in that department, as the smaller the window gets, the bigger chance of the text disappearing (which means zero scrolling). It’s fine, though. It’s a lot more done than it was when I […]

I changed my theme for a while. I wanted something sleek and clean and just different, whether it be for a day or longer. Yesterday I realized I had the theme Georgina designed for almost six months. I still like it and think it’s a great theme, but I want something less blue for now. […]

First of all, I’d like to remind some people that I’m not stupid. Second, I am in desperate need of a forum name for a forum I’m starting on Dehlu to host various TCG-related things (like for my TCGs, other TCGs if they wish, etc.). I had Aijou (love in Japanese…right?) already; I want a different […]

I can’t really say I’m sorry to my domains/blogging friends for neglecting them lately and mean it. I mean, I could mean it to some degree, but because I have not been spending my time getting caught up in reading others’ blogs I have had time to actually work on dehlu.org. I mean, to keep […]

List time! And also just because I feel like it. Friday Don’t really remember much now. I think I blogged, or something. Or not. No, didn’t blog. Did work on Dehlu, though. Can’t figure out if I want to make it completely PHP or not. Sad, right? If I do make it PHP, it could […]

Since Friday I have not checked anything having to do with my websites. I know people depend on me for Dashes, and then I have the opening of Spree, but such things were not on my to worry about list. They just weren’t important. It’s Sunday, and I was going to go out to eat […]

I figured you guys deserved to have another blog post to read since it’s been a while. I haven’t really stayed on a routine with my blogging lately, and I’ve been too busy with something else to return many comments (plus each time I do return them, I get more). I’ve also been on Tumblr, […]