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I used to have a domain addiction, meaning I would buy any and every domain I could. I thought the more I had meant my worth increased.

To this addiction, I attribute my identity disorder. I used to struggle with it a lot more than I do in later posts, because I have developed better self-awareness and worked to make peace with it instead of suppressing it.

Ah…I basically own 4 now—a number that feels so scarce, at the same time bringing tranquility.

Since I experienced technical issues in June and fell into a personal slump in July, I fell behind on a lot of posts I meant to write, or at least publish, so August will consist of me playing catch-up. I also missed the previous two Day in the Life posts, so that sucks. I considered […]

Because when you have more than you can name off the top of your head, afford or think of what to do with, you clearly have too much.

Jenni did this, and I figured it would be an interesting something. This list is only for what I remember. Domains owned: 34 Domains by extension: 4 .com 8 .info 5 .me 2 .net 10 .org 2 .pw 3 .us Number of 1 word domains: 13 Number of 2 word domains: 17 Number of 3 […]

I think that no matter how minor, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Even if it’s something pertaining to the Internet, I still did it. Although I was raised that bragging is “eh” and that bragging about something Internet/computer related is even more “eh”, I think that bragging about something that boosts/boosted my self-esteem in accomplishing […]

I didn’t think it was possible to make a theme I’d love more than I love Effy. To be honest, I didn’t even expect to love this one. I was already planning for it to look like shit. Oddly, though, when I actually begin to create something, it never looks like what it did in my […]

I can’t really say I’m sorry to my domains/blogging friends for neglecting them lately and mean it. I mean, I could mean it to some degree, but because I have not been spending my time getting caught up in reading others’ blogs I have had time to actually work on dehlu.org. I mean, to keep […]

How have you been? If you have not been following my life via mymelodies.org, then you don’t know that I’m trying my best to get happy again. It’s actually a difficult process for me. It’s really hard for me to be happy and not worry about how my happiness is affecting others. I […]