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I have OSFED (Other specified feeding or eating disorder), formerly known as “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified” (EDNOS). All but a few members of my family supports my recovery, as the rest is hung up on diets that glorify starving your body—which is the precise thing I’m trying to recover from. I developed an eating disorder in sixth grade (2002).

A few years back, I had a link love column. I took it away ’cause I didn’t feel there was much point to it. Then I started doing more life updates. Now, a lot is happening in my life that I don’t feel is proper timing to write about yet. Like, it’d be to pretentious […]

After contemplating the pros and cons of this, I’ve decided to do what I am about to do. I’m not going to add it as a tag like I did with depression and PTSD, however; posts regarding this topic will simply go into my health tag. I mean, most of my health posts pertain to […]

I started this on another blog of mine, but I’m currently moving said blog to a subdomain portfolio for my pictures and whatnot – or pretty much just going to make it a redirect until it expires this December. I’m redoing it now. I’m going to try to be as honest and detailed as possible, […]

I’ve been so reluctant to actually blog about this. I keep thinking writing about it in depth more than what I have already written about it will only make people think I’m seriously a basket case. A few months ago I was told I needed to go a hospital because I was crazy – that […]

I’m exhausted, drained, tired. To me, PTSD is a walking headache. You wake up and realize you were just having a nightmare, or you just don’t wake up at all until the nightmares have had their toll on you. Scenes play out in your head, and you realize these are flashbacks. “Make it stop,” you […]

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between hot and cold. Should I pull the necklace of chain beads to lower the turn strength on the fan above this bed, or should I leave it? Decisions, decisions… I am also half in pain on one side… Although this probably doesn’t make any sense. I had a […]