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I have OSFED (Other specified feeding or eating disorder); treatment focuses on the anorexia aspects. I developed an eating disorder in sixth grade (2002).

While often considered counterproductive, working on my food blog, Smoothies by Color, helps. My belief is, I have to make food my friend.

It’s 2019, and I say this every year, but: things are really going to be different this year. I’m already moving in a different direction in the various areas of my life; this is mostly just the official PSA.

Boredom isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually healthy. It’s just…annoying when it leads to certain epiphanies.

Is extreme hunger what I get for starving myself for 16 years? Is it ever gonna end?

Imagine you’ve just dropped a vase. You can sweep the broken vase under a rug, or use a rug to cover the broken vase — because, for whatever reason, you cannot deal with it right now.