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My faith is important to me. I believe in God and Jesus, and am a Christian, but I have personal issues with the churches within my vicinity and thus do not go to any of them. The posts within this tag reflect my journey in my faith specifically and/or pertain to it.

I hold a few specific values related to my faith based on personal experiences and what I have witnessed.

Perhaps the utmost important one is that I try to go about things with first. The second is that I hope never to be so uncomfortable in my faith that I am unable to love and show another compassion, whomever they may be and whatever they may be doing.

For these reasons, I understand the necessity of having an open mind—hence why I have watched and read non-Christian things. As a person of Christian faith, I aim to radiate my religious values instead of imposing them on the lives of others—I’ve found such to go a much longer, more rewarding way than using force and control.

To kick off my new post series, I share my thoughts on climate change.

It’s me versus the world, you guys. Always has been, always will be.

(Obviously, I’m kidding.)

Christmas is next week! I’ve been busy wrapping presents (ugh, so fun!) for busy family members, among other things.

In “A Plain Leaving”, the story of a Revolutionary War-era ancestor aids Jessica Bachman in choosing her path—stay in the Englisch world, or return home as an Amish woman—after she’s called home in the aftermath of her father’s death.

Take one down, pass it around, simple reminders for those who need themβ€”ah, that’s too wordy for the song. This post is essentially a makeshift self-care/fight song file.

CONTAINS: Lots of music puns + self-development.

Black and white photo of a girl in winter clothes (jacket and beanie) looking away from the camera. The background is white, her hair shields her face from the view (it looks blonde), and her hands are in her pockets.
This post explains my lack of autism-related posts lately, as well as why I am sitting presidential-related activism out. Self-advocating is exhausting.

This is one I’ll let the allistic/able-bodied people do for me. I’ll be drowning myself in food and cat gifs.

This post is a shout-out to anyone and everyone who has ever been hurt by the church. I am participating in #ApologizefortheChurch, because I believe it needs to change. We have enough hate in the world already, and God’s people are supposed to love and not be hateful—and really, living life is a complex mess of a thing enough as it is. Puberty and high school are hard enough.

Being on both sides of the community, I know one apology—or even a hundred apologies—isn’t enough. But it’s a start.