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My faith is important to me. I believe in God and Jesus, and am a Christian, but I have personal issues with the churches within my vicinity and thus do not go to any of them. The posts within this tag reflect my journey in my faith specifically and/or pertain to it.

I hold a few specific values related to my faith based on personal experiences and what I have witnessed.

Perhaps the utmost important one is that I try to go about things with love first. The second is that I hope never to be so uncomfortable in my faith that I am unable to love and show another compassion, whomever they may be and whatever they may be doing.

For these reasons, I understand the necessity of having an open mind—hence why I have watched and read non-Christian things. As a person of Christian faith, I aim to radiate my religious values instead of imposing them on the lives of others—I’ve found such to go a much longer, more rewarding way than using force, control and manipulation. There is no love in scheming or selfishness.

This is the story of the catalyst leading to the estrangement between my mom and me.

It was, for better or for worse, the point of no return. Of everything else that transpired between us all, we could have gone back.

We couldn’t after this.

To kick off my new post series, I share my thoughts on climate change.