Bradyn: I mean, she literally has the cleanest hands. Remy: Liz just cleaned out the van for FUN. Me: Germaphobes are, like, the best people to share germs with, if you have to share germs at all. By the way, I’m Liz. 👋 It’s a nickname. I live in a place where people call me […]

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Me: Wow, Mrs. Peacock sounds wonderful. Bradyn: No… Remy: Sh-she’s not, because her husbands died mysteriously. Me: Like, you don’t know if you can even trust her. She likely used poison. Women typically murder by poison. And, like, poison can result in people dropping dead suddenly. Remy: Bradyn: Me: What? whodunit Bradyn: Wouldn’t you want […]

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Triplets: I’m bored. Me: Read a book. Triplet #2: Books are boring! Me: Books are only boring if you’re reading the wrong books. Triplet #3: But actually, all books are boring. Me: Only because they’re the wrong books. Triplet #1: Then all books are the wrong books. Me: 🤦 The Triplets are not actually triplets, […]

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Jane Lately #51: The trunk-or-treat, the daycare experience, & the lesbian dating pool

I don’t care that it’s bad acting/writing/whatever the popular poll says, this is so many things I never knew I needed from Ruby Rose. 1. Small towns take trunk-or-treat contests seriously. 🎃 Like, really seriously. Char and I didn’t know that going in. Also, it wound up being a table-or-treat, but at the end of […]

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