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My family and members of such are occasionally mentioned in my blog posts. For privacy and security purposes, some of their names have been changed.

I am the oldest of my siblings.

Main key:

  • Dad’s side: his wife, Kim; paternal siblings Ruby (youngest sister) and Ezra (youngest bro); Gmama is my dad’s mom
    • Charlise, cousin; her mom’s name is Charan (aunt); Charlise’s kids: Brayden, Remmy, Phoenix, Chevy, Charlie, Solara
    • Kathy: cousin on grandfather’s side who travels a lot; she’s nth-removed (who knows and who cares?)
  • Mom’s side: her husband (nicknamed “lard”); maternal siblings Isaac (oldest bro), Patrick (“Pat”; bro), Carrie (oldest sister)
    • Mama Lois and Papa Al (deceased great grandmother and great grandfather); Mimi (grandmother); Bebe and Shane (aunt and cousin); Uncle Roddy (uncle)

Photo of my desk, featuring the various contents of it

Last month, I focused a lot on my blog and Net Neutrality and seldom else. I also met my newest cousin and gave NaNoWriMo one final try.

Today is Forgiveness Day in the world, not to be confused with International Forgiveness Day and/or Global Forgiveness Day. It’s easy to tout around forgiveness like it’s the end-all to anything that happened—to forget what forgiveness actually is. So here is some of what it isn’t, many of the things in the list below having […]

I’m what I consider myself a “closet autistic”, if only because I have no other way to describe my life in few words. It’s not a secret, it’s just something I’m not supposed to talk about and instead supposed to hide.

But then I step back and watch things in my life unravel from a distance, and I don’t know how anyone can miss the autistic living in plain sight.

A black-and-white image of Kleenex on an unmade bed
I forgot how to do a lot of things in the midst of my reality. Last year was a difficult time for me, and I’ve been keeping everything in lately like I’m expected to and pretending it’s no big deal. It’s not working.

A photo of the old barn from the old farm structure after the process to tear it down had begun.

A raw recollection of an experience of PTSD shortly after, and as, it occurs.

Reader discretion advised. Detailed descriptions of abuse.

Two girls laying on their backs on the hood of an old, rusty truck, laughing; their wavy hair hangs free off the edge of the hood. They are in long-sleeved tops and long pants, and one is wearing a scarf
#Sistertips is a series for anyone who wishes they had a big sister. I’m the eldest of my five siblings. I give a unique perspective, having come from a dysfunctional family and being autistic and all, but here goes nothin’.

This is literally a half-assed recap of my month because 1) I’m too lazy to put effort into it after attending a cousin’s wedding shower brunch earlier today, 2) this desktop is Windows XP (which was officially unsupported beginning two years ago) and 3) I had so much happening it’s too much to include.

I’m also pretty sure I bruised my hands trying to move my bookshelf. ?

A banner image saying 'Saturday Six #2'
The second edition of Saturday Six is here, featuring links on accessibility, plus some other random ones (like stuff related to blogging).

I’m having a lot of fun with this series thus far, because it forces me to be creative and limit myself to six links, and also encourages me to read outside of my comfort zone.